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The Topmost Designs in Round Beach Towels Wholesale Pieces Surfacing Today

Beach holidays are not just about flaunting your bikini body and dressing up to the point for the Instagram clicks. Remember, your selfies are not complete without the much essential beach towels that come in dazzling designs and state of the art styles today to show off at the beach outings and pool parties. The beach look is only perfect when you have the right tote bag, with funky slippers and a very trendy beach towel to flaunt. Apart for offering a comfortable post shower experience, this will also act as an accessory to your beach outfit. The chic towel to sprawl out on the beach with you is the best companion you need!

The online destinations and retail stores have come up recently with the round shaped beach towels that are very different and a much needed break from the usual rectangular or square shaped ones. These round shaped towels have already been in craze, especially for the women who are very particular about having the most innovative towel style for beach outings, as a part of their accessories.

Here are some of the designs in round beach towels wholesale pieces that are surfacing today in the market.

The Ikat Prints

If you want something in a burst of different contrasting shades, then counting on the ikat printed beach towels would be a wise option. The ikat printed towels come in the traditional and classic ikat prints, in vibrant and bright splash of different colors combined together. The fresh and vibrant ikat round beach towels are winners for the beach summer holidays.

The Timeless Stance

You can never get enough of the vintage and conventional towel designs with the round shaped twist. For this, you can bank into the zigzag printed iconic and timeless colourful round beach towel. The usual zigzag multi-coloured stance gets a very edgier fusion with the modish round shaped beach towel style, and calls for your attention at the soonest. These towels have fun and Boho cool idea reflecting from them easily.

Try Some Retro

Women can go for the retro gram towels in the form of the round shaped beach towels that come embossed with retro prints, images or the idea of the vintage. These towels get the perfect twist of old and new in the form of retro design blended perfectly with the round shaped shenanigan.

Pop Culture

If you love music, what about the pop music or pop culture inspired round shaped beach towel to go for? This one would come in the most vibrant and juiciest of colors that redefine the usual colourful beach towels, and add something very unique to them.

Love for Animals

If you are the ultimate animal lover, show some love with the round animal towels that are crafted with this idea. Be it the animal skin prints, or the cute and adorable caricatures of the animals drawn on the body, you can try out anything that interests you.

The Lavish Stance

Go for the lavish and posh designed round beach towel with the ostentatious and ornate gold trim, perfect for the women as it would mirror the feminine style with a very charming side. These towels are extremely classy, and mostly have the color white to go with gold.

Thus, if this summer, you are looking for something extra to be added to your bag, then don’t forget to replace the usual beach towels with the round one. They add finesse to your beach style, and make it more updated and stunning.


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