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Beach Towels One Must Have in The Vacation Backpack

Are you planning for a fun-filled vacation by the beach or wishing to relax along the poolside basking in the glowing sun and embracing the natural breeze? If so then one essential that you cannot miss is a beach towel. If you are a business owner or a retailer who wants to cater to such customers looking for cushy and breezy beach towels, then order in bulk from leading wholesale beach towels manufacturers. These manufacturers will provide you with the best quality and also trending options.

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Let’s check out what’s in trend when it comes to beach towels:

  • The multi-colored bright towels: These are very much in these days. The bright-colored towels are made up of microfiber that allows complete soaking or absorption of sweat or water from your body and are extremely soft on the skin. These bright color towels are available in electric blue, tomato red, bright orange, beach pink, or the basic white and black combination.
  • The plush microfiber towels: These towels are known for their soft and extremely soft texture which is luxurious and squishy while being extremely light. Perfect for packing because of their lightweight these are not only functional but also extremely handy. In today’s time carrying boring towels is cliched and with fashion at its high, everyone wants to have these plush towels by their side.

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  • Quirky design and prints towel: What’s a beach vacation without packing a towel with these cute motifs and you can give everyone that look of “I possess the best”. Some towels come with teddy prints or maybe cartoon character prints or even your favorite Disney character print and such towels are a steal on the vacation beach.  Some towels also come with not only quirky pumpkin or cute prints like mentioned above but also different designs like a circle or square towel or even towels that can be worn.
  • Customizable towels: As an important accessory, towels can not only be fashionable but also customized these days. Be it your initials, a particular logo, a monogram, or even your favorite cartoon print, you can now customize your towel and give it a whole new look and design portraying your level of creativity on the canvas of the towels. These towels are not only stylish but are so specific to an individual’s taste that it feels great to flaunt them around on the beach.

    plush towels

A beach vacation is always exciting. People hang along and bask in the sun embracing a nice tan. Few enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving or maybe surfing or a laid-back swim and so on. When you are packing for such a beach vacation, then these towels are an absolute must-pack essential in your vacation backpack. Be it the multi-colored towels, the plush ones or maybe something more personal and unique like the customized towels or the cute ones- all of these will add to your beach vacation experience.

So, all business owners who want to stock up on fresh and trendy towels for their customers can also customize towels and create unique product lines by ordering them from the best custom towel manufacturers. These beach towels will elevate not only your vacation experience but also add the flavor of a perfect style statement for all while travelling.


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