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The Towel Fetish – Understanding Instagram Accessorizing Of Towels!

Who would have thought that the towel is going to become such a trending accessory on Instagram? Exactly, no one!

But it is what it is, and the towel has become a sort of favorite of celebs and influencers who just cannot get enough of it! How did it get there? Well, that is exactly the question we are looking to pry on and deduce our way through in this blog. Want to find out? Then keep reading to know why we think the towel is the new ‘IT’ thing in social media fashion! 

The Towel Series by Martin Testino

To the joy of bulk beach towels manufacturers all over the USA, Martin Testino, an ace photographer, started the towel series on Instagram! He clicked some of the most influential names in show business – from Kate Moss to Gigi Hadid and even Selena Gomez.

When you drape gorgeous women like themselves in bathroom royalty, a trend is always seconds away from setting! And that did happen – the towel started becoming the new thing to take a selfie with and it has not looked back into the 4 walls of the closed bathroom ever since!

Because it kind of hints to sexier things

Wearing a towel is no different from lingerie – it always looks like the last wall. And that is what has made this one a catchy trend. Women all over the world are wrapping themselves up in fine Turkish made cotton yarns and making headgear out of their favorite bath towels to score the top number of likes on Instagram.

Also, it looks like the perfect summer attire, if you just add a pair of wayfarers or aviators to the whole show!

Pairing it with outerwear

Who would have thought that the towel will become an accessory for outerwear as well – but it is as they say, whatever you do, someone will try and do it even better. In fact, the towel head gear did look pretty cool in all the millions of selfies and shoots and women wore it too and that is what set the trend in stone.

Now that it is going forward, and people cannot get enough of the trend, hotel towels manufacturer companies are happier than ever. And in fact, you have something to try for your own – just get in touch with your nearest retailer, buy the towels you like, and start clicking!


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