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Get Whacky With Towels on Your Next Trip to the Beach

Beach trips are always fun, whether they are with friends or your beloved other. And, very few travel destinations provide as much opportunity to showcase one’s sense of fashion and style as beaches.

While there are plenty of blogs online that talk about beach apparel fashion, we are going to help you get all whacky with the towel as your accessory.

It is the future of beach fashion and that’s why coastal retailers are stuffing their shelves with the products of wholesale beach towels suppliers.

Let’s take a look at how –

Floral Towels

Floral is always a popular beach fashion, so why compromise on floral towels. If you have been working hard to create the perfect summer body, this is the time to bare it out.

Pair it with a floral towel that compliments your skin tone, and things won’t get any better.

Match it with your bikini shade

Thinking of sporting a bikini the next time you visit the beach. Sure, and while you are at it, add a matching beach towel for a little accessory effect. Now take a dip in the cool blue or sunbathe on the beach, whatever you do, style is going to be with you!

Towel Head Gear

If boho or avant-garde is your style, then maybe you should visit the beach with a travel head gear. Beat the heat while sipping on mojitos and maitais in your favourite shack, while you unleash yourself once the sun takes a dip in the water.

Graphic Towels

This is for the truly whacky at heart. These towels come in all kinds of graphic images from scenery, fruit baskets, pizza prints, and much more. If the beach is too crowded, you could just lay it out in the open and take a break in the sun to get the perfect tan.

Printed Towels

Another one for the bohemians, printed towels take us all back to the 60’s. If the era of flower power and Civil Rights still lies close to your heart, then maybe you should exhibit it with your style as well.

Towel styles are picking up steadily over the past few years with more and more people using it successfully as the beach accessory of choice. This is one of the main reasons why even beach properties are ordering in stylish bath sheets from these hotel towel manufacturers.

So, now you know what your accessory of choice should be the next time you visit salt water and sand.


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