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Bestselling Round Beach Towels Of The Season

Here’s a truth, round beach towels are really amazing. In case you might be wondering what, these are, then these are basically circular shaped beach towels that are available in various fun patterns like food, galaxy, make-up etc. This Instagram worthy trend was first invented in 2013 by a popular brand, and gradually due to its unique shape and fun pattern plus, the fact that it does not look like a typical towel, this towel has become popular. These round beach towels, otherwise known as roundies have become even more popular in the west as it garnered a lot of appreciation among the people over the social media. Hence, it can be safe to say that these towels will definitely make for a cute holiday gift, especially if you’re thinking quirky and innovative. A list of all the fun patterns has been given for you to checkout below.

Mandala print

The mandala print is one of the popular and bestselling in the list. This provides a boho touch to the beach vibe. You can either match up the towel and swimsuit print to create a style statement to create some vacay goals. If your checkout the collection of any round beach towel manufacturer, you’ll get an array of such prints.

Watercolor floral print

The watercolor floral print has a really dreamy vibe to it. From magnolias to lilies to even daffodils there are quite an assortment that you can choose from. Go for either a specific color pattern or something that spells out bouquet. Perfect for even a spring picnic spent with friends during the summer.

Foodie mantra

Do you want a round beach towel that basically looks like a giant pizza? Or maybe some doughnut?

Well, popular towel manufacturers have come up with cool food designs in the round towel section that you can choose from. Perfect for the foodie in your life, you can purchase them in different fruit shapes as well.


Everybody loves to flaunt their spirit animal in some way or the other. And what can be a better way for showing off your vibe than a unicorn printed on a quirky towel. From the cute baby ones to the matured agile unicorns, choose one that appeals to you.

Retailers can get in touch with one of the popular roundies and salon towels bulk suppliers and browse through their collection of unique towel variants. After selecting the required pieces state, the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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