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Beach Towels v/s Bath Towels : Know The Facts!

You must have invested in god quality bath towels and beach towels, then you must know that there’s a difference between two. Beach towels are specifically made for a day at the beach, whereas bath towels are produced for the purposes at home. You definitely cannot switch the two because both of them are made for totally different needs. There are many noticeable differences between the two that are mentioned in the blog below. Consumers can take the help of the below given guide and make their future purchases. Retailers can get in touch with wholesale bath towel manufacturers and bulk order the required pieces from them.

Size: The biggest difference between bath towels and beach towels is size. Beach towels are generally much longer than bath towels. They’re meant for sitting and lying and the extra breadth is perfect for two people to sit and lie on its side by side. Bath towels are shorter for proper handling and cleaning of the body.

Appearance: beach towels are great when it comes to different types of fun elements like prints and patterns. Meant for the usage during the fun days at the beach, theses towels are especially made with a quirky vibe. Whereas on the other hand, bath towels are much soberer and are mostly available in solid colors.

Thickness: Beach towels are generally less in thickness than the bath towels. It is because, bath towels are meant to absorb a lot more water, hence the thickness is more. Beach towels are used for many purposes, and thinness and light weight makes it suitable for different types of uses, namely, mat, towel, sarong, etc.

Price: When you pay for a beach towel, you’re paying for the length, designs, color, thickness of it. Bath towels are more common because they are used throughout the year instead one only one season, hence, these are less costly. In fact, the bath towels are also made with different kinds of yarn, whereas the beach towel is made of a lighter yarn type.

Usage: Since bath towels are used more than beach towels hence it is replaced more often. Therefore, buying it repeatedly makes sense as the frequency of wear and tear is more. Whereas beach towels are used only once a year hence investing in a few good pieces is a good choice instead of buying a new one every year.

Reputed bulk beach towels manufacturers are producing good quality pieces that the retailers can have a look at. These are made with the best of the organic yarns and are affordable as well. Hence, select the required pieces and state the MOQ of the required products to the customer care team.


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