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Beach Towel V/S Bath Towels? Here’s How You Spot The Difference

People usually frequent the beaches to experience the best of the sun, sea and the sand, and certainly not for a bath. This is perhaps the reason why manufacturers have propelled the cause of laying out the option of two different sets of towels to cater to two very different sets of requirements. Most users don’t seem to understand the difference between the two till they carry their bath towels to the beach and keep scraping sand off the fabric for the rest of year.

Basically, the factors that differentiate these two varieties of towels are based on simple common sense. Here are some that can be taken note of even with eyes wide shut…To begin with, beach towels are far thinner and lighter than bath towels. They are designed to fit into beach bags easily without causing it to weigh down even when carried home all wet and sandy. Bath towels on the other hand are thicker and heavier and designed to offer a luxurious experience to the users after a relaxing shower. Being thicker and heavier, they are better when left to the domain of the bathrooms and not anywhere close to the beaches.

Secondly, being thin and light, the beach towels are intended to dry quickly while shedding off sand easily and effectively. This is something that bath towels can never do. Being heavier in their consistency, they tend to absorb more of sand and water while retaining them in the fiber mesh for months together. People who use their bath towels in the beaches often experience painful skin abrasions which are caused by retained sand.

Thirdly, beach towels are usually more colorful and vibrant than the usual bath towels. High quality providers like the beach towel manufacturers USA ensure offering some of the brightest and the sprightliest options for men, women and children that actually motivate people to hit the beaches with an uplifted spirit. The bright designs and colors are also intended to serve the purpose of the North Star for individual users who may shift many meters away from their spot at a crowded beach while jumping waves!

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