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Why You Should Choose a Good Quality Cotton Towel For Your Stores?

A quality towel will not only feel soft and luxurious but will also protect you from harmful germs. It is because a towel made of a pure cotton fabric will generally be better in quality than its low-grade counterparts. Your approach towards choosing towels should be like an investment. Buying a new one every few months, does not really make any sense. Here you have to follow the capsule rule and opt for high-quality towels that will last you a few years. Obviously, you have to put some effort into its care from your part as well. Following basic instructions like mild wash and air dry can ensure you that the towels will last you more than a while. Definitely a question will arise in your mind, as to why purchase cotton towels and what is the specialty in it.

For this purpose, this blog has been written to provide you with the required knowledge.             

Know the fabric quality

Cotton towels are available in so many varieties that at first, you’ll really be confused regarding which one to choose. From the Egyptian cotton towels that are made with longer combed yarns to the Turkish Peshtemal that are multi-purpose in nature. In fact, you can also get eco-friendly variants like the bamboo cotton, that are made in sustainable conditional sans the usage of chemicals and pesticides. You also have to know the kind of yarn that is used to make the towels. Is it only longer yarns or a mix of short and long? This feature is an important factor that will determine the longevity of the towel.

Know the absorbency

Cotton has the highest absorbency rate amongst all the fabrics.  Hence, it is most preferred for making towels. Since there are different graded cotton available in the market, therefore you have to know that not all of them will perform the same. Generally, the towels made of longer yarns are more absorbent and doesn’t shed much lint. Whereas those towels that are made of uneven yarns has low absorbency capacity and over a period of time the fabric becomes rough. If you want to opt for the best, then the Egyptian cotton towel should be your ideal choice. Baby towel manufacturers produce highly absorbent towels that you can have a look at.

Know the maintenance requirements

Towels, irrespective of the fabric type should be well cared for if you want it to last longer. Consumers have a misconception regarding the fact that the cotton fabric used in the towel is different than those used for making clothes. Hence, don’t ever toss the towel in the washing machine with the other clothes for a quick wash. The general rule for washing cotton towels is you should wash it in lukewarm water and use mild liquid detergent. For drying skip the machine and hang them dry in an open area but not under direct sunlight.

Hence, get in touch with American towel manufacturers and browse through their collection of towel variants to include in your store. After selecting the required products, state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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