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Why Towel Distributors Will Always Recommend You Some Turkish!

Towel distributors are always looking for the best towel types to stock up on and as a retailer, you will often find then recommending you some Turkish towels.

But why is it that this particular type gets so much more attention than the rest, even after being the one of the most expensive?

That is exactly what we are looking to explain. If you ask any Turkish towel manufacturer (or read this blog), then you will know that this type is totally worth every bit.

Get ready to know what they are –

It’s super comfortable

There is no question about the kind of comfort the Turkish towel gives you – It is soft on the skin. Made from the most exquisite yarns of cotton found in any part of the world, this towel can make a true difference to the bathing experience of your customer.

The touch of Turkish towels is soothing – so much so that once you have a taste of it, it will be the best you ever know!

It has a niche audience

People who are accustomed with the comfort of Turkish towels will never be able to go back to anything else. To appeal to this niche, one must make sure that they have plenty of options when it comes to Turkish towels designs and patterns. Once you have the attention of this exclusive Turkish towels loyalists, your business is going to flourish, thanks to indulgences.

Turkish towels are also known for their anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities – which means that you can say good bye to many of the skin problems you have been having.

Is not that just a fascinating reason to love these towels?

Durable and a super soaker

When it comes to soaking water, Turkish towels are the clear winner. They can soak in water due to the nature of the cotton itself which promises a high absorption rate – something that trumps all other forms.

And despite their high price, these towels are eloquent and durable too. Towel distributors understand that the long yarns used in the Turkish towels give lesser breaking points and makes it an epitome of towel softness and strength. No other organic cotton towel boasts of a durability as good as this!

These are the 3 reasons why so many of your distributors will recommend you the Turkish towel – and to be honest, it would be best if you just listen to them.

And if your distributor does not have a good enough collection, then how about you directly order from the manufacturer itself?

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