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The Reason Behind The Featheriness Of Hotel Towels

There is no doubt that towels are amongst the most difficult working items in both the hotel and the house. We use our towels to dry us off, wash up massive spills, and even make them take us to the coast. Nevertheless, despite the crucial role towels play in our daily lives, we frequently treat them with slight respect, toss them aside in a damp pile or leave them exposed to high heat dryer cycles. And then we question why hotel towels appear so much fluffier and more lavish than the ones we own.

If you have ever questioned why hotel towels are truly that much better than your simple bathroom workhorse is, we have discovered some of the towel care tips right from the hospitality industry. Read this article to find out how you can maintain the certain freshness of your towels despite being put through heaps of washes.

The top-secret

Look, the reality is, the more meticulous you are in taking care of your towels, the longer they will remain in prim and proper condition. Whilst it may seem like some kind of huge secret, you might be shocked to learn that the majority of hotels use usual old detergent, just like us, to wash their linens, sheets, and towels. It is essential to use regular, store-bought detergent, as pH plays a significant role in keeping towel quality at the prime level. Grocery store detergent that you would use to clean your underpants and socks has a neutral pH, whilst a commercial-grade kind is usually bleaker, with a simple pH that can cause mayhem on the crucial traits of a hotel towel from hotel towels manufacturers – absorbency, softness, etc. High pH detergents will take away the smooth fibers, and break down the material faster.

The simplest of these tips can help you maintain the quality of your towels at home.

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