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Why Microfiber Towels Are Setting A New Phenomenon in The Recent Age

With the recent revolution occurred in the towel industry many manufacturers have introduced microfiber technology with auto detailing power that produces high quality, better cleaning and durable towels which could not be thought possible even a few years ago. From their extremely small size to their various benefits they have made their way into most households, hotels and resorts. So if you still have not bought it, here are some details that may make you consider buying them.

What makes Microfiber Towels Better than the Regular Ones

If you are thinking of swapping your regular towels with microfiber ones, reading this point will solidify your intention further. Here’s a look at why cheap microfiber towels are way better than traditional cotton ones.

Advantage of its Asterisk Shape

It is not only the small size that makes them superior than other types of towels. Unlike the cylindrical shape of the cotton stuffs which rather pushes the dirt while leaving the whole towel unclean, these come in asterisk shapes which helps in locking dirt and moisture into the pores of the fibres, cleaning the surface completely.

Leaves no Lint Behind

Microfiber is charged with positive power to attract negatively charged dirt just as a magnet does. As a result this reduces the production of lint when cleaned or dried.

Helps in Cleaning Bacteria

According to the recent survey while an ordinary towel kills only about 30% bacteria, the ones with micro fibre are able to reduce bacteria by 99%, making it more sustainable and durable for a longer period of time.

If you are a retailer or a hotelier and wish to stock up on these wholesale microfiber towels due to their various purposes, you can contact a wholesale distributor today and check out their options.

How to Check their Quality

To ensure the right quality of your towel, you can do a few tests. First you can rub it on your skin and try to feel its texture. A good quality towel will feel soft on your skin and catch the imperfections of your skin. This is because the split fibre, coming in asterisk shape, traps the dirt unlike any traditional cylindrical shaped cotton ones. In a second test, you need to hold a towel in front of the light and observe how much light penetrates the fabric. If it is high quality microfiber towel, light will pass through the spaces between the pores of the weaves. These are one of the best ways to determine the right quality of a microfiber towel.

Many wholesale microfiber towel suppliers are offering a wide range of these products at affordable prices. So retailers must hurry up to rev up their existing stocks with the latest collection.


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