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Some Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Luxurious Towels from Online Wholesalers

Whether it is for your hotel or your retail stock, there are different types of bath towels available at many of the wholesale manufacturing hubs. From plain to luxurious they come in a wide range of colors, fibres and construction. Here are some guidelines on the facts and details about these various sections of towels for those who have newly ventured into this business.

Facts about Fibers

The type of fibre used for these stuffs has a great impact on the their feel, color stay and durability. Here are some common facts about several fibres and their benefits.

Egyptian cotton

Soft and luxurious, this type of cotton is highly durable and breathable while possessing great absorbency power. Made of high quality and extra long fibre threads, these are specifically designed with trimmed finishes and convenient cuts. However, if you want to buy a large set of Egyptian cotton towels for your hotel or resort, you can go to a renowned wholesale luxury towels manufacturer and choose the colorful ones from their myriads of options. For instance, some luxury bath sheets in red or blue, rather than white, can be more appealing to your customers.

Micro cotton

With fluffy and suede-like texture, micro-cotton comes across as plush, super soft and great absorber. It is because of the long loops of the fibres that makes them lint free and more durable for a longer period of time.

Pima cotton

Best of all light cottons, Pima has greater absorbing capacity as compared to regular towels due to its extra long fibres and better compactness in its yarn structure. Like Egyptian one this is also highly sustainable and durable even after repeated washes for long.

Turkish cotton

Unlike Egyptian cotton this is quite low on absorbency which is ideal for warmer climates, having excess amount of moisture. Constructed of long sturdy fibres this is quite soft and fluffy with the capacity to stay lint free for long.

Construction of Towels

The construction of towels plays a very important role in deciding the quality and durability of the towels. So if you want to know more about the different processes of making luxury decorative bath towels here’s a look at them.

Combed cotton

This is literally combed to separate short and uneven fibres so that it brings out the most luxurious and lustrous appeal in them.

Ring-spun cotton

Tightly spun fibres are twisted for stronger and smoother finish. The ones constructed in this way are more refined in comparison with the combed towels.


Categorized under lower and higher twists these towels are more sustainable than all the above ones. While the lower twist adds to the flair of the towels, the higher twist makes them more durable and renders a fluffy yet weighty feel.

While choosing some top quality towels for your retail store or hotel, these are the most important criteria, both fibres and constructions, that you have to keep in mind. In fact some of the reputed luxury towels wholesale suppliers are now offering their products in latest designs, colors and prints to make them more appealing and suitable for the users. For instance, those in red velvety texture with flower motifs are great for promoting your business while making the users happy.

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