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How To Choose Quality Turkish Towels For Bulk Retail Purchase?

Giving into a hot and relaxing bath is life’s one of the best and the simpler pleasures. Finishing up the bath by bundling up in a soft and cozy towel is something that everybody looks forward to after a tiring day at work. But there’s a catch. How do you pick up the right towel that will last you through the years without shedding off its quality content? There is a certain point that people have to keep in mind before investing in towels as research will definitely yield better results and the towel purchase will be worth the money. For purchasing cooling towels bulk, retailers have to contact a reputed towel manufacturer.

Understand the type of cotton

Towels can be made from different types of cotton and like most clothes, each fiber has its own distinctive quality and strengths. Egyptian cotton is especially absorbent making it ideal for apparel and sheets. But when it comes to towels this quality can be inconvenient as it takes time to dry. Hence, the Turkish towels are a better option in this case. These are lighter in texture &dries up pretty fast.

Understand the weave

Towels can be woven in different ways, ring spun, twisted & combed. Each spin has a different feel. Generally, the ring-spin towels are used as it yields a softer base which is durable making it suitable for bath purposes. It is made by tightly twisting the long and short threads together to create the softest and strongest yarn possible.

Understand the GSM

GSM (grams per square meter) offers a standard number by which fabrics are measured. The higher the fabrics GSM, the denser and hence the more absorbent it will be. In fact, you can even use a GSM guide to help you determine the quality of the fabric. Ideally, the best quality towel should have a GSM of 500 and up. Turkish towels are better in this case as these are made with higher quality GSM content.

Look for the details

Quality oriented towels will always have a great finish and stitching details. The seams will be neatly stitched the shape will be properly trimmed. Hence always look for these minute details, when purchasing for the ideal towels.

Look at the price

You must have heard of the phrase, cheap is expensive? Well, this rings true when it comes to purchasing towels. You don’t have to buy towels that will break the bank, but since it is like an investment opt for those that are made with quality assured raw materials. Purchasing a few expensive one every five years is a better deal than buying cheap ones every six months.

Hence, follow the aforesaid tips and bulk order good quality towels from Turkish towel manufacturer at reasonable prices. You can browse through the different towel designs and state the MOQ of the requited products to the help team.

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