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Everything That You Need To Know About The Bath Or Beach Towels, Used In Daily Life

Towels have surpassed from being necessity items to sheer luxury, and today they are not only used for bathing or swimming but also to improve home decor and to look better at beach outings. Today, the towels have become a part of daily lives, and we understand how important it is to segregate them as hand towels, beach towels, bath towels and in other categories. Similarly, understanding our requirements and the demands of the market, the towel manufacturing industry also makes sure to add a lot of variety in their creations of towel collections.

There are some people who love to collect different types of towels and care accordingly, too. But if you are not acquainted with these, here are some of the facts and trends about towels that you need to have an idea of. The beach and bath towel manufacturers are bringing in new collections, and you need to have a picture of these.

Everything That You Need To Know About The Bath Or Beach Towels, Used In Daily Life

How to keep the towels fresh, durable and high in quality?

The towels often become dull, feel uncomfortable and get distorted in feel and texture too, due to overuse. But, if you understand the nuances of maintaining them with care, you will have to know about the tips to keep them fresh and absorbent.  The soft fluffiness will continue, if you wash properly, reading the instructions written on the labels.  Firstly, you need to stop using the fabric softener, thinking it would keep the towels smooth in texture, but basically, these softeners have chemicals that make way for waxy build-ups and restrict absorbency.  Only detergent is enough to keep them high in quality and can add half-cup of white vinegar to get them off the smell and bacteria. Also, for occasional bleaching, use oxygen bleach and not chlorinated ones.

Neither can you afford to over dry them, or pile up the wet towels for a longer time span. Rather, hang them up to allow full air circulation.

Which are the best towels to go for?

Well, there are a number of towel options available, but no doubt in the fact that the cotton towels are the best. From Egyptian to Turkish, cotton towels have the highest ability to absorb and release moisture effortlessly.  The Egyptian and Turkish cotton towels have long fibers which make them function in a much better way, and also add durability with super plush feel after taking a shower.

The correct weight and construction that identifies good towels

The towels with lingering and denser terry loops lend more place and surface for absorbing water, and the best towels have grams per square meter of 500-800.  Also, when it comes to construction, the hand-loomed towels are practically the best and last for a long period of time.

Let’s look into the towel trends for this season

The trends of towels also keep changing just like the world of fashion keeps witnessing a number of twists.  Here are some of the towel highlights brought forth by bath towel brands and wholesale beach towels suppliers.

Infusion of colors

The towel industry has been witnessing the influx of different colors, apart from soothing white. The bright brush strokes of neons, pastels, dark hues are replacing the usual white, beige and ecru.

The use of overhead racks

To keep the towels in a bathroom safe and handy adding the touch of class, the customers are buying the overhead racks that are used to store the bath towels.

Pestemal towels

The newest trend of bath towels in the market is the introduction of pestemal towels that are highly soft and absorbent, and are flat-weave, thinner ones of the Turkish bath tradition.


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