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4 types of Prints that Every Beach Towel must have

Summer is almost over and so are the beach days. We are sad, very sad. It will for long till we are able to walk to the sandy shores and soak the sun. But there are a few more days left and whilst everyone welcomes the fall, let us enjoy the last few days. Get your swimsuits and towels and sunscreen ready for we are on a crazy ride. As for the towels, here are four prints that are worth trying.

The Tropical Indulgence

It is almost a crime to visit the beach and not have a tropical print towel to show off. These tropical print towels are anti-sand towels, which means that they are resistant to sand and do not attract the micro soils inside them. From coconut trees to palm trees, sandy shores to blue sky, some of these motifs are extremely vibrant and instantly add to the overall otherwise sober design of the towels.

The Striped Extravagance

Stripes! Stripes! Stripes! The only pattern that has been recurring in the industry due to its stunning appeal! The use of a variety of shades and textures gives the stripes a nice and smart finish. The use of white background allows the colors to stand high on their own. Also, the towels are excellent at wicking moisture, so you don’t have to worry about walking back home wet. Wholesale beach towels manufacturers have exclusive collections of the same showcasing the best of beach towels.

The Bohemian Rhapsody

Colorful prints that tell an interesting story on their own? Guess that is something we all need. A bohemian printed beach towel is attractive, to say the least. When combined with the best cotton fabrics in the industry, the result is stunning and staggering. The culture is captured well in the loops and vivid shades, which have a tendency to add to your personal style statement when the only thing you are doing is soaking the sun.

The Slogan Fest

There is always this catchy catchphrase that we use and love. There are many (without deviating from the topic) that we use in our daily lives. So just pick anyone that you love and print on the white background of the towel. From Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doing?” to Darth Vader’s “I am your father”, the options are varied. Pick your favorite quote and impress the beach goers with your quirky choice of fashion.

Thus, enjoy the last few days of summer with panache as you pick the best towels available with the manufacturers. From Tessellation towels to cotton towels, there is a wide variety available in their inventory. Each of the towel boasts of being constructed using the best fabrics. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase at a discounted price can register online.

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