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3 Beach Towels to Use and Relish Before the Season Ends

Ahhh, summer is coming to an end! We all are sad. But wait, we still have some days left and we sure are to make the most of it. You have your swimwear and sunscreen and towels ready? But wait; do you have the latest trendy towels? If you were planning to use that old piece again, throw that away and check out the latest ones available. You deserve this. The beach deserves a better goodbye. To elucidate on the latest towels, here is a list for your reference.

A Blue Aztec Printed Round Towel

There is no denying the fact that round beach towels are on trend right now. And round beach towel suppliers have gone an extra length to add plenty of motifs to them to give them a striking appeal. The blue Aztec print round towel complies with all the criteria required to make a perfect beach towel. It is stylish, it has super absorbing qualities and it has enough space to accommodate you and your belongings when on the beach. With so much of super abilities, it is only but unfair to not have them. Also, the finish of the towels is amplified with the intricate and elaborate design. The blue complements the white background and the surroundings. Could be complained anymore? Don’t think so!

An Abstract Geometric Print Towel

Just like the previous rendition, this one has a way of standing out when spread on the sand. The complicated use of the colors and motifs give them a very sophisticated finish. Now you can actually pick the color you want, a subtle undertone or a vibrant extravagant one, it depends on your choice. But an abstract towel is just about what you need to add vogue to your trip down to the beach. The rectangular shape can fit your belongings. When you’re done, you can wrap it around your body and walk about, looking nothing less than a sight to behold.

A Monochrome Beach Towel

Okay, so officially, we all are in love with monochrome. Unofficially, we are still in love with monochrome. The sheer excellence with which white and black can be combined and their ability to transfer you to a different world altogether are much commendable. A monochrome beach towel is fashionable and looks stunning against the yellow and blue background. Some of the monochrome wholesale towels are crafted with the highest quality of fabrics which absorb moist and keep your things dry. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Pick the one you like the most.

To conclude, beach time is seriously coming to an end. Plan a trip to the sandy shores as fast as you can and enjoy the sun until next year. Till then, buy any one of these trendy towels and just go out this weekend.

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