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3 Baby Towel Trends To Bring a Smile To Their Faces!

Towels are a very important part of your baby detail and without the right ones, your baby is not going to look cute enough. And that’s precisely the reason why we have taken the onus upon us to give you the best trends of the season.

Baby towels have a lot of specifics that others do not – for starters they are made from the best quality of organic fabric. This is very important to ensure that the tender skin of the babies are not irritated by synthetic material.

But leaving these kinds of specifics aside, there are other trends to be aware of. Since the cute cuddlies are always in towels, it makes more sense that theirs are worth every inch.

Here’s the list of latest baby towel trends by top baby towels manufacturers  for you to know, when you go to make the buy.

Hooded towels in cartoon hoods

If you want your little one to look uber cool and make a calendar appearance, then hooded towel is the way you need to go. This one is cute beyond any logic and the hood often comes printed with cartoon faces of anyone from Mickey Mouse to Batman.

Just imagining your cuddly being a pudgy Dark Knight or looking amazingly mushy as Disney’s famous creation is going to make you all love-eyed.

Pick out any shade you like, but the soft ones are going to make them look like little cotton balls.

Floral printed towels

A baby is your bundle of joy, which is why you should make them look like that. And what better things to wrap them around than floral printed towels – these are filled with lilies, roses, daffodils, violets, and any other flower you would like to see your little one wrapped in.

Most Turkish towel manufacturers have the floral prints you will find online, so make sure your retailer has a fine collection of that.

Turkish towels will also be great for your baby because of their inherent nature and softness.

Towel Bath Suits

Bath suits are the epitome of baby cuteness, especially when it comes to the ones that also act as towels. Imagine your kid with a towel bath suit and their initials on it, with pastel colors – such a cute sight to even wonder about.

You can pick cute umbrella or teddy prints, or go for solid monochrome, whatever the case may be, towel bath suits are the top choice on baby towel trends.

Now that you have a fair idea of the trends are and how to buy them right, what are you waiting for?

Get your little one every towel style they deserve and do not forget to click pictures – because baby towels sure to make great memories.


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