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The Why And How Of Buying Wholesale Towels For Your Business

For a lot of businesses, buying towels in bulk is important for their operations and we’re talking about hotels, restaurants, hair and nail salons, health and country clubs, gyms and day spas, etc. When buying towels for your business you have an added responsibility of buying quality at an economical price. The quality can’t be compromised upon since the towels will be directly used by the customers but not at a cost of sending your bills through the roof. There are a lot of options to choose from in the online marketplace in a diverse range of colors and sizes but you should always choose the best because towels act as a marketing asset, especially for businesses in the hospitality sector. Here are a few points to take into consideration, the next time you’re buying towels for your business.

Brand Image

The towels offered to clients in hospitality sector create a certain branding plus point for them which may be difficult to quantify but definitely helps in creating brand image which in turn helps in creating repeat business. Perfect quality and size should be main characteristics taken into consideration while bulking bulk towels from hotel towels manufacturers for your business.


“A towel is just a towel at the end of the day”, that thought might work in homes but for businesses in the hospitality sector it can be very counter-productive. You need to know your requirements inside out before making the final list of your purchase. You need to be thorough with the materials required for different businesses in the hospitality sector and choose for yourself accordingly.

Premium fabric can work for salons and resorts, medium quality can work for normal hotels and restaurants. You are more likely to deal with cotton since it is the most commonly used towel material in the hospitality sector. You should go terrycloth if your business is anyone among gyms or salons or spas. You also need to pick towels for different age groups likely to form the majority of your client base and source kids towels wholesale to stock enough towels for kids as well as adults.


Especially for bath towels you can pick among from the multitude of choices in the online marketplace to ensure that your chosen towels match the theme and decor of your business. Vibrant colors can be chosen for neutral decors and matching contrast colors can be chosen for single colored themes.


There are a plethora of towel options available in the online market right from washcloth size of 11×11 inches to a full 54x 27 inches bath towels to suit different purposes. Bath body towels for spas and pools range from 40-54 inches in breadth and 20-27 inches in width. Bar towels meant to clean bar counters are shorter in size than other towels and are available in 15-18 inches breadth and 16-19 inches length. Hand towels which serve multiple purposes are able in sizes ranging from a length of 25-30 inches and breadth of 15-16 inches.


Weight is an important factor to take into consideration when towels are being in bulk for businesses. Pounds and dozen are the ideal measurement yardsticks to weigh tables and different weights signify different uses of towels. Towels ranging from 15-20 pounds per dozen are heavier than others which makes them suitable for spas while the thinner option of 5-10 pounds per dozen is suited for gyms.

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