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The Three Important Tips to Follow Before Buying Hotel Towels Crafted by Wholesalers

Be it for the seasonal vacations, weekend stays or for the corporate office tours, your hotel will witness the continuous visit of guests all around the year, and making them feel at home is your duty. Apart from the room service, food, the most important requisite definitely is the much essential hygiene aspect. The hygiene of your hotel premises will leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the guests, and hence, the towels used in the rooms and washrooms are something which plays a major role.  Choosing the right hotel towels is something which is not as easy as it might seem to, and to bank on the right hotel towels, a lot of considerations are to be made.

The leading hotel towels wholesale companies are crafting a wide array of towels to spruce up the decor of the hotels and satiate the requirements of the visitors.

We will get you covered with three important tips to follow while buying these towels:

The Size of the Towels

When it comes to filling the rooms of your hotel with towels, you must know a lot about the sizes which decide the towel types.  Wash towels, hand towels, bath sheets and robes, all of them have different sizes and all of them have different functions. The bath mats resemble the towels, but are smaller in size, whereas the bath sheets are larger in size.  Whereas the bath robes are longer, as they have collars and sleeves to wrap around the guests after shower. Thus, whether you are using the towel for the wash basin area, for the wardrobe or the washroom, decides on the size of the towel.

Application and Usage

Be it for the gym or for the spa, the use and application of the towels decided on which type would you bank upon. Made of ringspun cotton yarns, the spa towels for the soothing spa experiences of the guests are high in quality, whereas the regular bath towels used in the washrooms can be made of cotton or cotton and synthetic blends. If your hotel has a pool side, then definitely the pool towels would be important. These are larger and have softer texture, more absorbent and dry quickly.

Material is Important

The material of the towels is to be decided after scrutinizing your requirements and the budget. Soft and durable cotton and cotton polyester blend, organic, ring spun, Egyptian, and others are also great materials which can be considered to give best after bath feelings to the visitors.

Weight of the Towels

Make sure that you go for the right weight of the towels, as they decide the qualities these towels have The denser the towels are , more absorbent they would be, and they must differ in weight at the gym, for the spa, pool and washroom.
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