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The Different Types Of Towels Hotels Source From Manufacturers

The hospitality sector and hotels in particular are one of the biggest customers for towel manufacturers because of the bulk need of towels that arise during their day-to-day operations. Towels are a key way for hotels to ensure comfort and refined treatment for their clientele and decent hotels have as many five towels for their customers. Since different towels have different purposes it is integral on part of the hotels to maintain this separation. How hotels source towels also depends on the demographics of their clientele and the season of the year, during spring it isn’t out of normal for hotels to stock wholesale baby beach towel.

A proper stay at the hotel which entails using most of the facilities and amenities will see visitors using different types of towels and hence the initiative by hotels to ensure the same for their clientele. The different towels are provided for the clients so that they have the option of using the right towel for the job, if that is what they choose to do. Here are the different types of towels that hotels source from hotel towel manufacturers to ensure smooth functioning of their day-to-day operations.

Bath Towels

Since the adult male or female body has relatively large area which is likely to be soaked in water after a bath or shower, hotels source bath towels in bulk for all their rooms which are always properly maintained by the staff. Large bath towels are often sourced by hotels since the body needs a big towel to properly dry. A bath towel has sufficient size to do the job properly.

Spa Towels

Most hotels have spas, which is a key hallmark among many other amenities on their properties and is inclusive of the overall enriching hotel experience. It can be a spa bath or a communal spa or swimming pool, and the hotel is likely to have towels for each of the different properties since they are the pioneers of the hospitality sector and have to lead by example. An additional spa towel is always a good idea, so that visitors don’t have to get their bath towels wet after taking a dip in the pool or spa.

Face towels

Since the face is the most precarious part of the human body with various curves and bumps, it isn’t always wise to use large bath towels for the sole and distinct purpose of cleaning your face. Specially designed face towels are made available by many hotels for their clientele that are neither too large or unwieldy to take into the shower.

Hand Towels

Hand towels also known as mini bath towels are commonplace in hotels around the world as they serve a multitude of purposes. Dedicated hand towel are intended to be used to wash your face or dry your body and are big enough to dry your hands and wrists, but the do not need to be as big as the towels you use to dry your body.

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