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The Best Beach Towels To Invest In 2018

When the sun and the sea start calling, it’s time that you grab your beach towel and soak in some vitamin D from the sun. There are many options to choose from, from the oversized towels to the designer ones and in fact even the colorful ones. If you’re planning on travelling far, then a light microfiber towel will be most beneficial as it can be carried in the luggage effortlessly. If your vacation comprises of all your family members, then it will be beneficial to use a set of cotton towels that are better in quality and cheaper in price. For the upcoming holiday season, most of the people plan a long gateway to a beach paradise, hence carrying the essential items for the same is really required. Hence, look through the inventory of beach towel manufacturers an find out what are the latest tends that you can incorporate in your towel collection.

The ombre effect

The Ombre color palette has become a viral trend, be it in case of makeup, fashion or interior aesthetics. What’s not to like about a towel that has a gradation of different shades of blue, it practically screams beach vibes. You can even get it in other shades like purple, orange, greens, etc. These are also made in a moderate length that is suitable enough to cover the body.

Aztec attack

It is safe to say that 2018 is the Aztec year. The ancient ethnic Mexican print is a hot favorite especially when it comes to clothes or towels. Hence, choose one for your year-end BORA BORA holiday and enjoy the island vibes especially by cooking up a mean roasted crab in the beach barbecue. Available in many exciting prints and colors, these are cool for the adventurous history buffs.

Turkish Peshtemal

For an artistic beach towel that is fun & unique, the Turkish Peshtemal is the best option here. These don’t look like the typical towels and are perfect for using as a beach mat or a sarong. Made from naturally dyed-cotton, the Peshtemal towel has signature tassels along the top and bottom giving it a shawl vibe. What makes it even better is the fact that these towels are made with the best of the cotton yarn that is sourced organically thus a sustainable for a holiday.

Round florals

Who doesn’t love a pretty floral printed towel. During the holiday’s women love to flaunt their love of pretty designs either through their swimsuits or the towels. Hence, here comes the designer towels in the most exquisite prints and funky shapes. In fact, the prints are not just limited to florals but other animal styles as well like unicorn, flamingo, leopard print etc. Here the idea is all about adorning the mood of the day.

Retailers can get in touch with popular wholesale towel manufacturers and browse through the collection of designer towels that the supplier has in store. After selecting the required pieces state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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