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Stunning Array of Beach Towels Introduced by The Wholesale Suppliers This Season

Whether is it about accentuating your home decor  with, or for the comfortable after-shower experience, towels have to be jaw-dropping in designs and comfortable to feel against the skin. With people getting luxurious , their requirements are also leaving every limit and today, the trend of plush towels is definitely a craze noticed . The leading wholesale beach towels suppliers are introducing newfangled array of beach towels for the retail stores to entice the customers , satiating different demands.

With summers officially in  here,  can your holidays be complete without the mandatory beach fun? If you are the ultimate beach lover, then sitting alongside the beach for the whole day and playing with salty water would be one of the requisites in summer. But can beach shenanigans be complete without the much essential stylish beach towels? This definitely gives you another reason to refurbish your towel rack with novel and unique range of towels, worthy to add to the fun quotient at the beach.

The blank beach towels wholesale companies are producing beach towels for different target users ,and we will get you covered with some of them:

The Beautiful Ladies

Are you the beach babe? Then you will definitely feel happy and satisfied with the jaw dropping range towels brought in by the leading towel manufacturing brands. These towels are specially crafted keeping in mind the feminine mentality, and come in plush color range of pinks, mauves, reds and others.  These towels are peppy to look, and come in wide variety of designs and prints,  be it the girly florals or the much talked about animal motifs, paisley , tribal and many more. Also, as women love intricate detailing, these  also come with stitched embroideries , reflecting class and elegance.

The Little Cherubs

Kids love to play with the salty water under the open blue sky on , enjoying their summer holidays by the beach. To add some more fun to their activities at the beach, the beach towel manufacturing hubs have introduced the state of the art adorable and cute looking  towels, different for boys and girls. For the little boys, these towels come in exciting range of spunk prints, be it of the racing bikes, superheroes, sports characters and many more,with colors like blues and yellows being used.

When it comes to the lovely little girls, the manufacturers have crafted the beach towels in colors of pinks and reds , with patterns and prints embossed , relating to flowers, Disney characters,  polka dots and many more, reflecting girly stances. The leading kids beach towels wholesale manufacturers keep it in mind to produce the towels in high quality fabrics, like cotton , microfiber and others so that they do not cause any rash or infection when rubbed against the sensitive skin of the little ones.

For the Dashing Men

In shorts and tanks, men love to play at the beach be it with volley ball, or simply chilling at the sea water. Hence, the wholesale towel hubs have initiated the special production of  smart looking towels in designs which are cool and mannish. From punk rock music patterns, to the motifs of cars, sports players, funky quotes, stripes, and other elements which reflects the personalities of the men well.  These come in dark colors of blues and browns, and even neons are definitely loved by the young men today.

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