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Soft Spa Towels Will Wow Your Guests

Bath towels manufacturer provides premium hand towels and personalized hand towels if you’re searching for anything unique. Here are the ideal towels for wowing your guests during their next stay.

Towels made with Cotton Modal

Cotton modal towels have a higher pile, making them the ideal fluffy towel. Yet, this towel does more than transfer water around while keeping you wet. Instead, the addition of modal makes it smooth and quick-drying. These bath towels draw attention—their rich, complete look is a surefire hit with guests.

Towels made from Organic Materials

If ecology and sustainability are essential to you, organic towels are an excellent choice for your home. These thick bath towels are made from organic Turkish cotton and have longer loops for a comfortable feel that you could snuggle up in and sleep in. The components are all organic, from the cotton to the dye.

Towels made with hydro cotton

Bring out the fastest-drying towels. Towels made of hydro cotton dry faster than ordinary towels, and their Turkish cotton yarns are spun with tiny air pockets to make them more absorbent. These towels are lightweight and soft, weighing roughly half as much as Turkish towels.

Essential towels

Your home isn’t complete unless you have Essential towels. Essential towels are lower in weight than traditional Turkish or Supima cotton towels, making them fluffier and drying faster after soaking. The zero-twist yarns provide the fabric a softer and lighter appearance, and the 100 percent cotton fabric is robust and long-lasting for seasons of drying.

Turkish spa towels

Their soft and comfortable fabric distinguishes Turkish spa towels. Rare Turkish cotton produces the thickest towels, weighing 750 grams per square meter and absorbing moisture fast. These are luxurious towels that your visitors will notice, both visually and physically. And when you thought these towels couldn’t get much softer, the ring-spun yarn provides additional strength and silkiness.

Towel Sets from Supima

Supima towels are produced with Supima cotton, which is unique and special cotton. With its ultra-soft fibers combed for soft comfort, it’s in the top three percent of cotton cultivated in the United States for a good reason. Each towel is adorned with a beautiful dobby weave design for an elevated and visible touch.

If you are trying to figure out how to buy directly from manufacturer, business owners reach out to one of the top American towel manufacturers. Drop a mail to connect.

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