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The Proper Guideline to Wash the Microfiber Towels with Care for Longer Life-Span

The microfiber towels are much in craze today for the benefits they hold, be it for cleaning furniture and vehicles or for using them for the best after shower experience.  They are soft and made of selected handpicked materials, for the best convenience which can be offered.   Crafted out of superior quality fabrics, these are great in quick and easy absorption of sweat and moisture, and clean everything very well. Also, the people are more inclined towards them for being so smooth and soft to the skin, preventing rash or skin infection.

Be it for cleaning the interiors through the small ones, or the wholesale microfiber towels crafted by the manufacturers solely to absorb moisture well after showers, these towels have great intrinsic value , and come in affordable rates in an array of designs , styles, colors and prints.  But, if you have them in your house, you need to take proper care of them to keep their durability intact. For this, the proper washing techniques are very necessary.

Here is brief guideline to wash them properly.

Separate the Towels

When you go ahead to wash your towels, make sure to separate the towel according to the types and material they possess.  This included making groups of the towels,  so that there is no cross-contamination of dirt and dust while you put them into the machine for a good wash.  To ensure a great cleaning procedure, proper separation of them is crucial .

Not any Detergent is Advisable

Remember; the microfiber towels are very unique and demand to be washed with extra attention and care. Hence the usual detergents wouldn’t be advisable at all if you want to keep their quality and feel intact. For this you need to splurge on a high quality microfiber wash , so that the performance and life of the towel can be prolonged.  These wash solutions safely remove dirt and dust , without having any harmful material to completely destroy the finesse and color of the towel.  Other detergents have unwanted chemicals , making the soft towel lose its quality , becoming rough and stiff in feel and touch.  Also, use the fabric softened which maintains the plush feel and blocks liquids from getting absorbed into the pores of the towel surface.

The Correct Wash Settings

While washing the microfiber towels, make sure to set the settings properly. Using hot water is definitely important, as that opens the fibers and to release the dirt, dust and other contaminations.  For speed dialing the ‘regular’ mode is required, so that extra and additional pressure and force is not exerted, and the towels can be washed smoothly.

Drying the Towel

To dry the towels after washing, the machine drier is recommended to keep the plush and fluffy effect in place , and while doing so the temperature is to be set low.  If you use the high mode, then excessive heat can cause to damage the polyester, and cause a lot of roughness and stiffness.  Thus , to make sure that the soft and smooth texture is maintained, you need to keep the towel  in low heat.

Post Cleaning Care

After cleaning the towels, they are to be folded and kept into a closed container or cabinet so that  they do not easily come in contact with dust and dirt , and you can achieve better results while cleaning interiors , vehicles or for post shower experience.

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