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Do You Run the most Successful and Busiest Salon in Town?

Then, you must be in constant need for wholesale salon towels. There are a host of grooming activities which are carried out in the salon on a day-to-day basis. From pedicure and manicure to your facial and hair care, one common must need element for all these procedures is clean and dry towel. What type of towel is a complex question as that would depend on a host of factors including the preference of the show runners.

But here are few tips which would be of immense value if you run salon business.

Invest in all kinds of sizes

Well, we all know that towels come in various sizes- hand towels, bath towels, mid-size towels and many more. From salon point of view you should have all kinds of sizes ready. For example, if someone is going for hair wash or body scrub, then the requirement would be of larger size towel. But for beauty services like facial, smaller sized one would be sufficient.

Bleach proof, color safe and stain resistant

The above description may sound as mere words but these are the most desired features that salon towels must have. Since much of the work in salon deals with various chemicals like bleach and color, it is important that your towels be resistant to these chemicals as this would render the towel unfit for use. Therefore to increase the longevity and durability of towels, it is better to go for towels with all these wonderful qualities.

In fact, you might have to pay little extra to procure bleach proof, stain resistant and color safe towels but it’s going to be an investment worth every penny since the extra cost would be adjusted against the durability of towel. Moreover, you’ll get high quality wholesale salon towels which your clients will appreciate.

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