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Important Features That Makes a Bath Towel Stand Out From The Rest

Bath towels are one of the most underappreciated household items. The towels are one such object that are both decorative and practical, these are the most important aspect for our grooming as well as other important needs. Retailers can find interesting variants of beach towels at the inventory of luxury beach towel hotel manufacturers. Nothing can match up to the richness of a soft plush towel. Hence, it is important that you stock up on such towels that are made with the best of the raw materials. Generally the organic cotton towels are the best in the market. Along with this, there are certain important features that you have to keep in mind. Thus, read on the blog below , to know more about the same.


As with many household items, beach towels can be made with many different types of fibers. In fact, the fiber content is the major determinant of the features like absorbency power, weight, color fastness, etc. In fact, there are certain fibers as well that are environment- friendly. Few of them is the bamboo cotton, organic cotton and some variants of Turkish cotton. Hence, you need keep in mind the fact that whenever you invest in towel, the quality should be of the outmost priority.


The size of the towel is given the least consideration in case of purchase. Although you have to determine the activities that the towel will be used for before bulk ordering it. Generally the size of the beach towels is generally like that of the standard towel size which is 27″ to 30 ” wide and 52″ to 58 ” long. Apart from this there are other towels like wash cloths and hand towels that are smaller in size .


All fabrics , including towels have a weight that is mostly measured in GSM. Typically the towels weight between 900 to 300 GSM. The lower the GSM rate the lighter will be the towel weight. The GSM rate of 300-400 is actually light for a beach towel. Hence, you have to seek for something that has higher GSM level. Since the beach towels are made with combed cotton fibers hence the quality is much better than the regular towels.

Retailers who want to include such towels in their store can get in touch with one of the popular beach & hotel towel manufacturers. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing that the manufacturer has in store. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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