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How To Select The Most Appropriate Salon Robes And Towels

Have you discovered the most luxurious spa wholesale salon towels bulk, and robes? What makes you think they’ll provide you good value for your money? To ensure that you receive your money’s worth, you must follow specific criteria, just as you would with any other purchasing choice. Think about what will make your customers pleased as a rule of thumb, even if it means paying a bit extra.

Things to consider while selecting the finest salon towels:

Bleaching resistance

Because harsh chemicals are unavoidable in the salon industry, bleach-resistant towels should also be considered. Seek wholesale salon towels resistant to severe chemicals such as acetone, chlorine, peroxide, dye, bleach, and other harsh salon chemicals.

These chemicals not only damage linen fibers but also reduce the towel’s longevity. However, keep in mind that although chemical resistance is vital, your towels must still be incredibly soft and comfortable.

Linen that won’t stain

Stained or fading towels turn customers off. Fortunately, this may be avoided by following the care recommendations that come with the towels.

However, sure towels are more challenging to clean than others, so that color-safe linens may be better. After being washed in hot water and bleach, these linens should not fade or lose their brightness.

Sort your towels by dark, light, and white to ensure they get the greatest washing. To obtain the greatest results, adjust the temperature and cycle based on the type of towels you’ll be washing.

Appropriate material

When purchasing salon towels, you should also think about the material. Pure cotton towels and cotton mixes are the two types of cotton towels.
Cotton mix towels are less absorbent and less durable than pure cotton towels. Cotton mixes, on the other hand, are better at keeping their form over time.

Salon owners prefer cotton towels, but be wary of towels that have been poorly made. Some providers utilize recycled cotton, which has an impact on the absorbency and durability of the towels.

Consider microfiber towels if you want ultra-absorbent, long-lasting, and durable salon towels.

Power of absorption

Its loops also influence the absorbency of a towel. Towels with more loops per square inch are generally more absorbent and durable.

Premium linens, on the other hand, feature thick, abundant loops. They do, however, provide more bang for your money due to their better absorbency and longevity.

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