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How to Buy the Best Quality Bath Towels for Yourself

With an infinite selection of towels boasting a range of traits, it is hard to know which will live up to their claims.

These tricks and tips from us will have you shopping like a pro.

Look for the fiber content

Pure cotton is the softest and most permeable. Do not concentrate too much on high-quality kinds of cotton like Supima and Egyptian, they are usually considered first-rate, but didn’t have much of an impact on durability, absorbency or softness when putting under towel tests by popular wholesale bath towels manufacturers. Another choice is a polyester/cotton blend. It is usually less costly, more durable and quick-drying.

Search for production underscores

Towel lingo can be difficult, but here are few keywords to look for:

Aerocotton, Microcotton, Hydrocotton, etc: brand names of the production process (not to be mixed up with actual kinds of cotton) to help increase absorbency and softness.

Twist: An explanation of how much the yarn of the loop is twisted. A high twist is more enduring, but a low or maybe zero-twist enlarges surface area to make the towel more absorbent and plusher.

Ring-spun cotton: Short and long fibers are closely twisted making the towel loops smooth and strong.

Combed cotton: The cotton is brushed to get rid of short fibers, making the material more durable and softer.

Visually examine the towel

This doesn’t mean you must feel the towel for gentleness in the store. Indeed, manufacturers might put finishes on the towels to make them feel smoother, but the coating will come off during a wash. Instead, ensure the edges are secured and neatly folded with secure, close stitching it’s a symbol of fine quality craftsmanship. This puts off fraying and can help extend the life of a towel.

Understand what you are looking for

It is an issue of personal preference but makes a massive difference. If you want a super smooth, ultra-absorbent towel, search for pure cotton with plus, dense loops of yarn on the surface. If you need one that’s more durable and quick-drying, go for a lighter fabric with a low pile or poly-cotton blend. Feathery loops help the towel feel smooth and soak in water, but they take longer to dry and might show more wear from laundering.

If you are looking for the best quality bath towels for your store then make sure to check out the latest collection of american towel manufacturersSingle out the pieces you like and place your order to the support team for the same.

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