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How Instant Cooling Towels Are Different From Ordinary Towels

The instant cooling towel has given towel-snapping a completely new connotation. Where once upon a time, towel-snapping was a locker room endeavor that teen boys excelled at, at the present towel-snapping has been taken to a completely new level with synthetic microfiber materials meant to make the most of evaporative cooling. But to get the chill, you have to know the drill.

Instant cooling towels are towels that are made from a unique performance microfiber material that is meant to right away cool down and stay cool for up to a couple of hours when damp and activated. In addition, an instant cooling towel is meant to be free of chemicals, machine washable, long-lasting, breathable, lightweight, and soft.

How do these towels work?

An instant cooling towel works on the code of evaporative cooling. This is the cutback of a surface temperature that happens when the evaporation of a liquid happens. Instant cooling towels soak in moisture and water and spread it out event all through the material. This controls the evaporation which keeps the towel cooler for a longer time. To set off the instant cooling towel, you just dampen your towel, wring it out, and then snap and swing your towel.


Usually, you can expect instant cooling towels to cool down 30-35 degrees from the body temperature which will approximately be 65 degrees to the touch. On a hot day or after an energetic exercise, this will feel extremely refreshing and cool. You can expect the cooling towel to remain cool for up to a couple of hours. And obviously, you can continuously damp and snap the towel to reactivate it.

Can house towels be considered cooling towels?

Yeah and Nah.? Obviously, the notions of evaporative cooling apply to normal house towels. When you damp a house towel, ring it, and snap it, it will also feel cold, but just for a short time. Since a normal house towel is not made with the unique purpose microfiber material, it will not be able to soak in and distribute moisture, control evaporation, and keep the towel cool. In addition, a normal house towel will like to too huge to use efficiently and it will not pack and stow as handily as instant cooling towels do.

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