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How Can You Take Care Of Your Beach Towels?

Like any other towels, beach towels cultivate bacteria while moist. Not like bath towels, which are typically just exposed to the daily bacteria prowling in our bathrooms and on our bodies, beach towels even from most popular beach towel manufacturer can grasp a much more bizarre collection of organisms, such as those found in bird poop, food oddments and other folks’ bio fluids.

So, what are the ways you can adopt?

Suspend your towel in the sun to dry post every use

Whilst you don’t need to clean your beach towel after each swim, you must get into the practice of drying it in the sun after each use. Reasons? The ultraviolet rays from the sun will kill approximately 90 percent of germs, keeping your towel’s bacteria level under check. If it’s a gloomy day or you get home post-sunset, popping your towel inside the dryer will have the same effect, killing off bacteria with a combo of moisture and heat removal.

Shake off the sand from your towel

Whilst a primary shake at the coast is always a great idea, ensure you head back for round two once your towel is dry. You will find the sand won’t set to the towel’s surface like it does when the towel is wet so you will have a much better success rate. It is also crucial to chuck out as much sand as possible before you put your towel through the clean to put off any rogue grains becoming deep-rooted in the fibers of the towel.

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