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Everything Hotel Owners Must Know About Buying And Caring For Hotel Towels

Whether you have guests for just a couple of nights or spending their holidays at your hotel, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable and pleasant. They should be offered seamless and luxurious services so that they give good feedback and it helps to enhance the image of your hotel. Small mistakes like dirty towels or faded linens are majorly committed by the hotel authorities, which bring in negativity amongst the guests. Thus, the small details must be taken care of by the authorities.

If you are new to the hospitality industry, you might face some difficulty to treat these small aspects while pampering the guests. For instance, a number of people complain about the lack of good towels or the presence of hyenic towels in their room. To make sure that your hotel has a good range of towels, for different purposes, you need to be very careful.

The leading hotel towel manufacturers bring in the best hotel towels and hoteliers should buy them in bulk to satiate the guests. Here are the comprehensive buying and caring guide for hotel towels.

Understand the towel sizes you need

A hotel requires a wide array of towels for different reasons, and also for decorating the interiors with finesse and perfection.  From the functional wash clothes to the mainstream bath towels, hand towels, to the bath mats, bath sheets and bathrobes that ensure a clean and comfortable stay of the visitors.  These towels are different in shapes and sizes, and you need to have them for different requirements.  The bath mats are relatively smaller and used on the bathroom floors to restrict slippery feel.  The bath sheets are larger than the bath mats and used to create drying areas in the washrooms.  The bathrobes are used by the guests to wrap around themselves after showers and come with collars, sleeves, and adjustable belts.

Determine the towel weight you need

Towels are made of different fabrics and they all weigh distinctly.  The heavy and sumptuously thick towels are more luxurious and hence they can effectively and quickly absorb water or sweat.  Thus, the weight of the towels that you go for depends on what you are using them for. The bath towels must definitely be of heavyweight.

Understand the applications of the towels

Different types of hotel towels are designed by the manufacturers that define different applications. There are the three most important types of towels a hotel must have: the spa towels, that are designed to provide the ultimate comfort for your guests relaxing at the spa, the standard and regular bath towels for amazing post-shower experience, and the pool or beach towels in fun patterns and funky colour crafted by wholesale beach towels manufacturers.

Choose good material

There are different types of materials that are used to craft the hotel towels, from lush and soft pure 100% cotton to silky ringspun cotton, fine quality Egyptian cotton with excellent absorbency and drying properties, the cotton and polyester blended materials that are affordable and durable. Thus, you need to buy them according to your budget and hotel requirements.

Now that you know about the correct ways to buy the towels, here are some guidelines to maintain them regularly.

  • Before you begin washing them, simply run them underneath the water.

  • Now, you need to wash them in hot water with detergents and pre-spotters.

  • To brighten them up, you shouldn’t use bleach.  To maintain the quality and color, you can use non-chlorine bleach or an oxygen bleach.

  • Rinse them properly.

  • Use high heat to dry them and kill the remaining germs.

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