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Establish Your Towel Brand With The Best Private Label Manufacturer

There are several business models in the industry like wholesaling, supplying, producing, manufacturing and others that offer different advantages to the retailers. Private label manufacturing is a great concept that deals with retailers starting their own brand with provisions supplied by the manufacturer. From production to distribution, the retailer is directly involved in all the processes, overseeing every function with scrutiny. This implies that the retailer has partial to complete control over the products that are being produced.In private label manufacturing, you as a retailer can establish your own brand and reach out to more customers with the products that manufacturers churn in tune with your specific and personal design needs. The price of the product is decided by you, which means that you can aim for a higher profit margin as compared to other business models.

Private label manufacturing is virtually possible for all kinds of products. Some niches enjoy more success than others, but the business model itself is a fail-safe technique to help retailers establish a reputation on a national and even international scale. Towels have a high demand in the industry. Supplying quality pieces to customers that meet both functional and fashionable standards will not only help retailers gain customers but also attain massive triumph.

Private Label Towel Manufacturer

The advantages of Private Label Towel Manufacturing

Private label brands help retailers create their own unique image in the competitive market. This image is what helps retailers and business owners build a stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

Private label products are exclusive in nature because they are made for a particular retailer. The towels are unique in nature, which helps target a particular group of audience, further strengthening your relationship with the customer.

You as a retailer deal with the private label towel manufacturers directly, without having to transact with the multiple middle channels that exist in other business models. You get the towels directly from the manufacturer and sell those to your customers. There is no hidden agenda anywhere in a private label business model.

The feedback received from the customers is unaltered because you deal with them straight up. This further allows the customers to recognize the brand on a more personal level.

The retailers enjoy more control in a private label business model. From production methods to the shipping procedures, quality of the towels to the quantity of the towels, you are in charge of every decision taken. This can be highly beneficial when it comes to comprehending and getting a grasp of the different aspects of the business.

Retailers also can earn a huge profit margin under this business structure. You decide the price of the products that you sell. While a certain amount of fee is paid to the manufacturer for the services offered, you can levy a profit on the base amount of the towel and then sell it to the customers. This helps increase the revenue significantly over the years.

Private label manufacturing has a virtual monopoly. Since the towels sold by the retailers are unique, the chances of finding the same piece someplace else are next to impossible. This allows the retailer to enjoy a special position in the market. This also reduces competition and you can bank on your loyal customers. These customers can further spread a good word in favor of your brand, which will bring more recognition, and ultimately growth.

How to find the Private Label Towel Manufacturer

To find a private label towel manufacturer, the retailer has to put in a considerable amount of time and research. Since the retailer is depended on the manufacturer, finding a good one is of utmost importance. Here are a few techniques that can be used to find a good manufacturer.

The first step is to know the industry you are trading in well. Research the market trend for towels well and note down the key points. This will help you know exactly what you are looking for. To have a successful business, the ideals of the manufacturer and the retailer should match. With a clear picture of what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to find a manufacturer who offers the same.

The next step is to find your competitors and analyze who they are getting their products from. Pick on what they are not offering to the customers. This will downsize your target audience. Harboring an idea about your competitors will help you rectify their mistakes and perform better in all those neglected sectors.

Use the power of the internet to find manufacturers. With the product and target audience in mind, you will know the kind of qualities the manufacturer must harbor. Use long end keywords when searching for the manufacturer. Skip a few pages to find more options. Write down the names of the manufacturers who suit your purpose.

Visit the websites of the manufacturers and check their catalog. This step is of utmost importance because this is when you make the final choice. When checking the website, check the kind of services they have provided and their credibility. For private label towel business, you will be highly depended on the manufacturer. A trustworthy contender with some market value is what you need to succeed.

Once you have shortlisted the final few, contact them and ask them about their business, the kind of tech they use to craft the towels, the products they use, their other projects and clients, the discounts offered and other things like shipping (especially if the manufacturer is located in a different city or country). A good private label manufacturer will answer all your questions ungrudgingly. Once you are satisfied with the answers, ask all of them to provide you with samples.

Once you get hold of the samples, check its quality and scrutinize whether or not your customers will like it. As a private label owner, you need to have satisfied customers. Happy customers mean more business for you.

After examining the samples, relate it to the other facts noted earlier during the research and finalize on one manufacturer.

If all these points get checked, you are good to go. If not repeat the same process until you find a manufacturer you like and can depend on.

Everything about a towel that the Private Label Towel Manufacturer should offer

The significance of towels is known to all. It is used in abundance and comes in a lot of variations. Bath towels, beach towels, towels for kitchen, hand, face, and cleaning are only a few examples of the massive variations that they offer. The top towels manufacturer USA based showcase a wide range of towels displayed in their inventory. These towels are in sync with the latest trends, thus have a higher appeal.

Now once the variety is covered, the next point of focus has to be on the construction. In private label, you have the liberty to pick the fabric yourself. Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, organic cotton, Pima, polyester and synthetic materials are the most materials used to craft towels. Each has their own advantage to offer. Egyptian cotton is known for its durability whereas the Turkish version is known for its extravagant lush. Polyester is great at wicking moisture, but cotton in whole is softer on the skin. Most bath towels are constructed using cotton variations, beach towels have blends and modern versions have synthetic materials infused in these in abundance.

With basic construction checked, the next point on the list is design, shape, and size. The use of towel determines the size of it. A bath towel is larger than a hand towel but a beach towel is the largest. The main difference between the sizes of a kitchen and face towels is the former is square and the latter, rectangular. Many modern versions of towels come in varied shapes like circular and oval which have a larger appeal to the millennial.

The color and pattern incorporation is a pivotal aspect of a towel because the appeal of a towel is more important than its construction. Solid white has been a popular choice for long as it is believed to add elegance to the simplicity of the towels. Other shades of pastel like nude, beige and cream are also high sort after. The darker hues are generally reserved for beach towels, which are often combined with bright and quirky patterns. Floral prints, stripes, tropical prints and bohemian patterns are the most common motifs used on towels. Recently flannel towels minus the plaid patterns have also made an impact in the industry.

So this covers every little aspect of towels that you need to know about and the manufacturers need to provide with. The quality of the product is what matters most to the customers. A good towel is what you need to impress and woo your buyers with.

Customizing towels with the Private Label Towel Manufacturer

While finding a reliable manufacturer and constructing a good quality towel forms an integral part of private label business, customizing the products to stand out amongst the others is what you actually need. Private label business flaunts partial monopoly. This is because the towel available to you is highly limited to you only. To win more customers, your designs should be top notch and different from what is available in the market. This is what will draw clients to your store.

Personalizing towels with your designs should be easy if you have the right manufacturer to support you. Dye sublimation ink and printer are used by most private label manufacturers. The print procedure not only produces high-quality towels but the prints are also permanent. With the right equipment, you can produce long-lasting, colorful, bright towels.

Even a rough outline of your design can be turned into something gorgeous. The designers working with the manufacturers work in close quarters with you to understand your requirement. They provide a few drafts of the rough sketch to you, which can be then finalized by you for printing on the towels.

Not only towel designs, but your brand logo can also be custom-made and printed on the towels.

To conclude

There is an old quote which states, “A goal with a plan is just a dream.” If you had a dream of starting your personal towel business, it is time to realize it. This is the blueprint you need to get motivated and start walking on the path of success.

Here is a recap of what you just learned from the article.

First, understand the trends of the towel industry. Study your customers and competitors. Know what unique products you can offer to your customers to gain their trust.

Second, find a dependable and consistent private label manufacturer who will help you move forth in your journey.

Third, provide your designs and customize these on the towels using the latest equipment.

Fourth, select the fabric and produce the towels in bulk. Get these shipped to your store.

Finally, display these in your store collection, and get attention from your customers. For a wider reach, you can use social media to showcase your products. Combine great service with good products to garner attention in the industry and finally reach newer horizons of success.

If you who want to establish your own brand in the towels industry, many reputed wholesale towel companies offer proper facilities that help achieve the mission. Private label business is the new model for retailers to attain victory and realize the dreams. Boost your business with gorgeous and functional towels today! Get in touch with the top manufacturers of towels. Contact today to know more.

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