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Double the Shower Fun with Hooded Kids Towels

Kids have a lot of fun during shower time. If your baby has just turned a year, then he or she will enjoy splashing the tub water. A little grownups love the summer bath. They would also accompany you at the pools. And some children just love getting drenched with the pipe, while watering your plants. To sum up, youngsters love playing with water. And what if you give your baby a lovely wrap right after their shower?

Get Wrapped Around

You will surely want that the fun never ends for your little star, won’t you? Then you can pamper your sweetheart right after the bath with a really soft and cosy towel. Of course, you are using towels for your baby, but are you sure that they are apt for the baby skin? Mothers often rub their babies’ skin after their bath is over. Make sure you use the towel that is specially made to comfort the baby skin. And the colour used in the towel also isn’t harmful. Surprise your baby with the cutest hooded towels for children.

Where to Find

The wholesale hooded towel supplier companies have tailored towels exclusively for children. We know, baby skin is way different from adults. It is more delicate and sensitive. The children’s hooded bath towels are not at all harsh on the baby skin and keep your child warm after a cool shower. The towel hoods or caps provided with pretty animal faces are simply too sweet. For if your little princess loves teddy bears, she will love to be wrapped around by a teddy faced towel. These towels are primarily marketed by wholesalers and also available online.

What a Baby Wants

Generally children enjoy their water time. But few mothers complain of their babies’ reluctance towards taking a bath. Well, in this case it is better not to force your child. The more you force, the more they get rigid. Try an alternative by making their shower time interesting. Give them little toys, special cartoon character printed or animal print towels. The hooded kids towel will also be a good way to engage them in shower.

Remember mothers, always go gentle while you rub your kiddies after wash. Harsh rubbing won’t make them cleaner, but agitate their soft skin. All it takes is yours and a soft towel’s love touch, and your sweetheart will never want to miss the fun bath.


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