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Cooling Towels Can Assist You in Dealing with the Heat

Full Audio Version: Cooling Towels Can Assist You in Dealing with the Heat

To begin, a cooling towel is a hand towel that has cooling qualities. And, no, they aren’t like regular damp cotton towels. When these towels absorb water, they may keep the wearer cool without getting wet. They are available in two material combinations: PVA or microfiber. Being outside in direct sunshine is reason enough to utilize personal cooling devices – to protect your body temperature from increasing to dangerously high levels. You may wear the towels in a variety of ways. To name a few, it may be worn around the neck and shoulders, draped over the head, or as a headband.

There are two kinds of cooling towels

One kind is formed of PVA, which is polyvinyl alcohol or other synthetic mixes. PVA towels are typically smooth and frequently have a mesh-like surface. They’re soft, but they’ll dry hard until they’re drenched again.

The other style is a microfiber mix, which is a polyester and synthetic fabric combination. To the touch, these feel like ordinary cloth. However, they will stay soft even after drying.

How do they function?

Soaking or running the towel under water will activate it. The towels operate through evaporation – hence the phrase “evaporative cooling towels.” Water vapors give out a cooling sensation to the skin as they dissipate, comparable to standing in front of a misting fan in the heat.

The cooling effect of the towels can linger for hours (most cooling towel manufacturers). When they lose their coolness, reactivate them with additional water.

It should be noted that each brand may have a somewhat different method of activation. Some may include soaking the towel, wringing it, or breaking it.


The majority of the towels are reusable and may be cleaned in a washing machine or by hand. Whereas the PVA towels will dry hard, they may be reactivated by running them under water.

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