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The Construction of Beach Towels and 5 Prints to Have this Summer

Summer is here and so is beach time. You have your best swimsuits out, with all the straw hats and sunscreen lotions to hit it out with you. But wait, are you not forgetting something? Yes, one of the most granted accessories ever, a beach towel is more important than you realize. While it dries you off after hitting the water, it also prevents the sand from entering you’re your clothes (which can be pretty annoying). Thus, establishing how important towels are, let us know understand what are they made of, and this summer, which are the towels that we absolutely need to have. Keep scrolling down for detailed information on the proposed topics.

They are Tailored with the Best Fabrics and Love

Have you ever loved the touch of the beach towel on your skin? Well, none of us are actually ashamed of it but their soft touch against the skin is too good to avoid. Like their other variations, beach towels too are crafted using fine quality cotton. Since, this particular fabric can withstand heat and has a long life span; cotton beach towels are extremely popular amongst the crowd. Other than that, luxury beach towels wholesale are also tailored with terry or jacquard. Terry is highly absorbent of moisture, whereas jacquard is signified by its colored yarns. Most of the time, manufacturers use a blend of these fabrics so as to achieve all the qualities in one. Comfortable, wicks moisture fast, is easy on the skin and is durable- these are the aspects of the towels produced by manufacturers.

The Must have Towels of the Season are…

Beach towels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And they also come in a plethora of shades and patterns. But which are the ones that are gaining popularity this summer? Read on for they are mentioned as follows:

► The color block beach towels are spectacular in their approach. With the nifty amalgamation of two shades (one is subtle and the other is vibrant), these look extremely classy and are a must have.

► If you are a fan of excess, a tropical printed towel is a beach staple. With palm trees and coconut trees brightly showcased on the towels, the mixture of vivid colors and the immense appeal due to different shapes, allows you to have the right amount of panache when you lay lazily soaking the sun.

► Stripe is the pattern of the season and investing on a towel that features this sophisticated pattern is a must. While some of them shine bright on a white background, there are a few which come in multiple colors. Talk about making a statement.

► Another pattern which falls under the category of necessary is a printed towel. Using graphics that range from favorite cartoon characters to superheroes, bold slogans to catchy illustrations, these will lighten up your mood, instantly making your beach time more enthralling.

►  No beach towel list can be complete without the mention of a solid color towel. Appealing to the eyes, shades like navy, pink, red, green and purple are some of the most commonly used hues. Whether you like extravagance or prefer simplicity, this type of beach towel is only a mandate and will never go out of style.

So whichever be your pick, make sure to add to your style statement when you hit the sandy shores to relax. Luxury beach towels wholesale are available at discounted prices for all interested retailers. They can make a bulk purchase of the same by registering with the most celebrated towel manufacturers.

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