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Beginners Guide to Choosing the Best Towels Online

If you are planning to invest in bath towels, chances are that you will come across a unique variety that comprises of sizes, styles, thread counts, types of cotton, etc. process can manufacturers be overwhelming; hence it is important for you to choose only the best towels that scores high on quality and functionality as well. One of the popular Turkish towel manufacturers have come up with a range of premium bath towels that you can look through.

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Bath towels are one of the most common types of towels and these are considered to be an essential compared to the other variants. These items are exactly what you need when you are getting out of the pool, the shower, or the spa, etc. These towels are primarily used to dry the body. Commonly, the bath towel size ranges from 27 inches by 54 inches. In fact, you can also find oversized bath towels that comprises of larger dimensions. You can also find plush towels like a Turkish Towel in regular sizes.


Hand towels can be used for a myriad of ways. They are a lot smaller than bath towels and measures around 16 inches by 30 inches. You will find them hung near a sink, where these will be easily accessible for dying hands and other purposes. Towels of such size can also be used for the gym, the kitchen, at salons, etc.


Washcloths are similar to hand towels but these tend to be even smaller. These are mostly available in square shape and is available in size comprising of 15 inches by 15 inches. These handy little towels can be used for the shower or spa to wash the face and body. Washcloths can sometimes be used in the kitchen and the bar as well. Washcloths can be found in a variety of materials; however, you can also find plush variants made with Turkish or Egyptian cotton.


Bath mats are almost of the same size as bath towels. These are mostly used on the floor just outside of showers, baths, and spas. These are thicker in density than their towel counterparts and are designed to help prevent people from slipping in the bathroom.

Do you wish to invest in cooling towels bulk? Guess what? One of the sought-after suppliers of wholesale high quality towels have come up with a range of designer variants that are offered for bulk sale. Business owners can avail promos and/or discounts at the time of the final purchase.


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