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Beach Towels That Are Perfect For the ‘Safe Vacay’ Of This Year!

In case you didn’t notice, summer has arrived. You may not be able to travel overseas, but that doesn’t stop you from exploring the pools and the local beaches and even lake-side picnic spots, for some summer relaxation. Hence, a beach towel is necessary for the trip. One of the popular, beach towel manufacturer, have designed such trendy variants that are not only appealing but consists of functional features as well.

Hence, read on to know more.

  • If you’re looking for a simple beach towel that gets the job done and looks stylish at the same time, then look for a striped microfiber towel. These towels are made of 100 percent ring-spun cotton. They come in retro colors like navy blue, sky blue, yellow and mint green, so they’ll look great in pictures too!
  •  If you have a penchant for basic towel pieces, then look for something with a low price and good materials to make it work for you. You can never go wrong with a chic pastel colored towel as it dries quickly and absorbs fast and they’re soft and thick for ultimate comfort.
  • If you’re getting ready to spend amazing days lazing around in the tropical heata Microfiber beach towel is a great option for you. You can find these in various sizes and these are super lightweight as well. Hence, great for the short distance travel too as it won’t bulk up your luggage. You can get these towels in shades of zen blue, aqua green, cool toned orange, etc.
  • Turkish towels are a great choice for the pool or beach because they’re lightweight, more absorbent than other types of cotton, and quick to dry. These are also available in fun prints and the lightweight, absorbent material will dry in record time. These gorgeous variants don’t look like typical towels hence you can use it as a sarong, bath sheet as well as a cover up for the sunny days.

Do you wish to invest in fun kids towels wholesale for your store? Wait n more, as one of the renowned towel suppliers in USA has come up with a vast assemblage of such unique variants of towels that you cam browse from. Hence, select the sample pieces and communicate your wholesale needs to the help team for the purchase.

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