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Bath Towels Or Hand Towels: What Is The Right Size For Your Gym?

Bath towels and hand towels are considered the two must-have staple in every toilet wardrobe. But when it comes to making the right choice in the gym, which one should you really go for and how do you determine what it is?

Well, finally we have decided to help you with the decision. In this blog, we are going to elaborate the two towel types and its pros and cons when chosen as a gym accessory. After you have read both sides of the coin, you can make a much better decision!

Hand towels

Any regular at the gym must have spotted the hand towel being used by a few people around. Some feel it is inadequate, while others think it is the way to go. But in terms of gym towel utility, what is it that truly makes this type the pride of hand towel manufacturers?

Let’s take a look –

  • It is very easy to carry. Hand towels have always scored in this department and in an age when the gym bag is becoming bigger and heavier every other year, this quality is definitely welcome. For people who take good care of their bodies and have tons of stuff in their bags from protein and vitamin supplements, to training gloves and resistance bands, the hand towel does provide a lot of ease.

  • It can be high absorption. If you bring in high quality cotton hand towel, then the size is good enough to soak the sweat of a person who has a moderate perspiration rate or intensity of exercise. Also, it’s easy to manage and less likely to droop on the ground, something that bigger towels fail to achieve!

  • Changing sets is not that much of an issue. You can have quite a few in your bag at the same time and if you feel that one of them has become to sweaty, changing up is always an option.

These are the advantages that you get if you use the hand sized towels for your gym workouts. However, it is just one side of the story and the benefits of the bath towel remains to known.

Let’s find out –

Bath Towels

Considered the big daddy of towels, this one has the size and the quality to become and efficient gym accessory. Once you have a large bath towel on your side, sweating during your workouts becomes a compulsion you do not want to miss out on. Here’s a look at the advantages that this type presents –

  • Bath towels are high absorption because of their size alone. They do not particularly need to be of the highest quality of Egyptian or Turkish cotton to soak in your sweat. This gives you the  opportunity to get yourself microfiber towels as well, which is a lot more affordable!

  • These towels protect you from germs when it comes to gym equipment. It is not unknown that all of the machines in the gym are used by sweaty people and that transfers some of the germs to the seats as well. Now, you might carry Purell, or you might just lay your towel on the seat and perform your exercises. However, in this case your gym bath towel must be made of pure cotton, because microfiber has a tendency of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Now that you have seen both sides of the argument, and understand what makes bath towels manufacturers proud and why hand towels work, the decision is yours.

However, when you do make it, here are some of the things you should keep in mind –

  • Always account for your sweating tendency and choose accordingly. If you perspire profusely, then hand towels may not be your thing.

  • Make sure you buy the right type – and it is best you always go for cotton. Unless of course you want just one piece and need it to dry quickly, in which case microfiber should be your choice.

Well then, we hope you make the right choice and get what you want as your gym accessory. Don’t wait, start buying now!


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