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Know The Differences Between Ordinary And Gym Towels

We all use towels every single day, yet when it comes to towels, our knowledge is perhaps a lot more limited than we realize. What is a towel’s intended purpose? People use it to wipe their hands, feet, body and hair and mostly the standard towels that are readily available at one’s home is utilized. However, these very same ones are used by a person who hits the gym on a regular basis.

Most people think that a standard towel works fine for gym purposes and they take them to gyms to have their own supplies handy. This is mainly because they worry about the spread of germs and bacteria when using gym supplies. While it is never a bad idea to carry your own supplies with you, what most individuals do not realize is that gym activities requires specially made towels and not the standard ones.

Why are gym towels different?

A closer comparison of the towels used at home with the ones used at the gymnasium will reveal that the latter is made a little differently than the former. They are ‘fluffier’, can hold more moisture, absorbs moisture quicker than standard towels, do not hold dirt very easily and can be washed a lot more times than their ordinary counterparts before their quality or texture is compromised. In a nutshell, gym towels are made for tougher use and have better durability.

What makes a gym towel good?

A good gym towel is generally fashioned from cotton. This is because cotton has amazing absorption ability. It can soak ten times more water than any other fabric. Moreover, cotton gives maximum breath ability and can be washed very easily. It is even fit for machine wash. Cotton also has very less dirt retention and enhanced durability. These are the very things that make the hand towel so useful after heavy workouts.

Where to buy gym towels?

These are easily available at any sports supply store. However, if you want to purchase them at wholesale rates, it is best to buy them from established sports towels manufactures. That way affordability, quality and durability of the products will be guaranteed.

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