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An Easy Microfiber Towel Quality Guide For You

Microfiber towels are becoming increasingly popular among people especially hotel business owners and car wash dealers. Few however understand the subtle differences between the different types of towels that are introduced in the market. Microfiber towels is one of the newly introduced that has gradually earned a positive reputation for itself over time. Hence, if you want to bulk purchase such towels, then contact microfiber beach towel manufacturers and browse through the collection and choose those pieces that appeals to you and complements your brands signature aesthetics. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know the different ways that you can test the microfiber towel and determine its quality content before making your purchase.

Point 1 – The first thing that you have to know is whether the towel is absorbent or not. This can be determined by an easy test. Pour some water on a table and wipe it with a towel. See if the towel is pushing away the water or absorbing it like a vacuum and wicking it. If the first instance occurs, then it means the quality of the microfiber towel is not up to the mark. Similarly, if the second instance occurs then you can be sure that that the quality is good and can be invested on.

Point 2 – The second test is all about, whether you can grab the towel easily or it slips away from your hand. For determining this, you have to do a touch test. When you run your hand over the towel, check to see if it is soft or not. See if it gets caught in the imperfections of your hand and is easy to grab. If the towel catches on your hand, then it is made up of a split microfiber. High quality cloths go through a splitting process, leaving the fiber to look like an Asterix in the cross-section. The spaces left by the process is what gives your cloth the ability to pick up dirt easily when wiped on any surface and absorb water effectively.

Point 3 – Check the durability of the material. For this, firstly you have to do a weight test. Does the towel weight 250 GSM? If yes, then you’re in the right path. It is because, the more a microfiber towel weights, the more the microfiber it contains. A good quality towel has at least 20 GSM or more. The next test that you have to do to ensure proper durability is a sunlight and a stretch test. For this hold up a microfiber towel towards the sun and stretch it as much as you can, if you can see specks of light through the towel, it means the cloth quality is not good. If the opposite occurs, then you can ensure that the towel quality is up to the mark.

Hence, get the best quality microfiber towels from one of the reputed hotel towel manufacturers at affordable prices. Keeping a value-oriented towel collection in your store will definitely earn you a loyal customer base and a good profit margin. You can also avail exciting offers at the time of your bulk purchase.

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