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5 Prints that You Can Use to Adorn the Beach Towels for Kids

Kids love splashing into the water. Be it a swimming pool or at the beach, kids and water have a long bonding. Now you might be paying more attention to the clothes to wear and the accessories to take, but there is one accessory that is absolutely necessary and is required at large. The perfect towel for a kid should be warm and big enough to fit them. They should absorb moisture and yes we all know the characteristics of the towels. But what about their look? Should a beach towel primarily being used by a kid be boring? Well, none of us thinks so. Thus, to make things more fun-filled for them, here is a list of five printed towels that you can add to the beach bag of your kid.

The Polka Dot Extravagance

Kids love polka dots! This is a statement that has been proved true many a times given the affinity to use this particular print on the various products for kids. Stylish yet adorable, make the towels better with the best polka dot wholesale beach towels for kids. You can use an array of shades and multiple colors to amplify the impact of the towel.

A Snuggly Cartoon Character

From SpongeBob to Ben 10, Mickey Mouse to Winnie the Pooh, the numbers of cartoon characters that the kids love and adore are many. Pick any of their favorite cartoons and just put it through. Use bright colors that will help liven them up on the towel and help the little show it off proudly when strolling on the sandy shores.

Psychedelic Luxury

To whoever said that kids don’t like abstract geometric prints, get your facts correct! Children have a profound attraction for complicated prints and patterns for it challenge their brain. They like understanding the intricacy of it and when it is on a towel, they would never let go of it. So if you are having difficulty getting your child in the water, try these towels. A miracle might be on the edges.

The Personalized One

Giving them the opportunity to strut around the beach with their name initial emblazing on the towel is a moment of joy for the little ones. Beach towels with the big embroidered letters on them are stylish, cool and definitely fun. Pick them in bright colors and your child is the happiest.

The Darling Sea Animal

When you were a kid, you loved those animated sea creatures! Didn’t you? Now it is time for your child to bask in the same fun-filled action. Mermaids, lobsters, dolphins, whales and star fish and the list are long. Opt for anyone and you can be assured that they will love their time on the shores. They are available in vivid undertones which only amplifies their enthused approach.

So this summer, help your kid be the star and make their time on the beach worthy by getting the best towels for them. Wholesale beach towels for kids are available with the topmost manufacturers and can be purchased by the retailers in bulk at discounted prices.

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