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5 Must Have Prints on Beach Towels for The Spring of 2017!

With the winter almost over and the spring knocking on the doors, it is that time of the year which we all patiently wait for. Yes, it is beach time! Beach Time! Lying on the sand, soaking up the sun, hitting the waves with undying enthusiasm, all are fun enough to hook us to it. The swimsuits will be out in no time, with straw hats and the best pair of animal shades. But can you imagine hitting the beach without towels. Yes that accessory which is a necessity yet is taken for granted.

The thought of sand getting into the clothes and hair is as annoying as it can get. However, you would not really want to carry a bland towel to the beach. That just not set properly at all! So taking inspiration from the prints and patterns that are anticipated to become big in 2017, stylists and enthusiasts have designed the best of beach towels.

To keep you updated on it, from graphic lines to exaggerated prints, here is a list of all the prints that will blend well with the towels.

Read on and find more.

As Simple as It can be

Popular widely for being minimalistic yet effective to look at, single colour towels have set well with people for years now. Shades ranging from bubble-gum pink to electric blue, there is a variety available from a wide range of wholesale beach towel. They are made of fine quality materials which make them perfect to lie on or dry off the body after a dip in the sea. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes them worth the buy.

The Power of Flower

Floral and earthly patterns and textures have become extremely popular, especially during the last few seasons. In fact, floral prints are pretty significant for spring as they represent the season in its full glory. These patterns are flirty to look at which are further enhanced by the intricate juxtaposition of an array of colour.

The Artistic Side of Towels

Geometric patterns have come a long way since their earliest inceptions. Patterns ranging from criss-cross stripes to massive squares, the artistic implodes on the towels further make them one of the best to carry to the beach. Their obscurity and sophistication with which they add panache to your entire beach time, is what earns them an entry on the list.

The Glitz and Glamour is the Armour

The metallic finish that is added to the towels makes them a winner. Remember the time when we all wanted to become like mermaids; well these towels serve their best to help our wish come true. You can feel like an urban mermaid when lying on these towels beside the blue waves. To top it all, the iridescent textures and futuristic accents are eye-catching.

The Polka Dot Paradox

A simple yet effective print, the polka dot motif is a softer version of the ditzy geometrical print. The conceptual polka prints are retro to look at and when juxtaposed with a beach towel, it looks really modern and stylish. Perfect for a day out on the sandy shores on a spring afternoon!

Thus, make the beach time this spring memorable by choosing towels which come with any of the above mentioned prints. Wholesale beach towel are available with prominent manufacturers at discounted prices. They can be purchased in bulk by retailers who want to update their collection or for business owners who are looking to start a business with towels as their chosen product. Registering with the manufacturers will get you access to their vast inventory and stay updated with the latest products.


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