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What to Look for When Buying a Beach Towel?

It’s time to reconsider your belief that all beach towels are made equal. An excellent beach towel has a set of attributes you should look for, much like a great barista has the faultless technique and an inherent ability to sense when it’s time for a double shot. They’ve arrived, just in time for the summer.

A Substantial Size

The list of things you don’t want to be doing at the beach this summer includes contorting your body to fit on a kid-size beach towel. A little towel is also inconvenient to use to dry oneself, wrap around your waist, and spread out on the vehicle seat for the ride home. Is there a simple solution? Make a large purchase from the beach towel manufacturers. Your towel may also be used as a picnic blanket for poolside BBQs or at the beach, or to accommodate your forgetful other half when they realize they’ve forgotten their towel at home.

Fabrication In Cotton

Cotton is the ideal material for towels because of its capacity to absorb moisture fast and is gentle to the touch. Absorbency is a critical attribute in any towel, but it’s much more important in a beach towel for a few reasons. To begin with, unlike your bath towel, which you most likely use every 12 hours, it’s typical to use your beach towel from cooling towel manufacturers to dry yourself numerous times in a short amount of time. To retain its capacity to absorb water from your hair, skin, and swimsuit after each swim, your beach towel will need to absorb more water and dry faster. Second, you normally lay on your beach towel before and after swimming, and sand irritatingly adheres to the wet cloth. You’ll be able to shake the sand off of your towel more effectively if it can dry rapidly before putting it in your car or beach bag.

Terrycloth With Short Loops

The majority of traditional towels are made of terrycloth, which is a fabric that is woven into tiny loops to promote absorbency. Shorter loops have the advantage of being less prone to snag on sharp edges like cane couches, sun loungers, or pebbles, resulting in towels that last longer and are snag-free.

Fabric Colored With Yarn

Beach towels with bright colors are fantastic. They’re simple to locate and give off a happy, summer atmosphere, which is perfect when you’re walking back from the beach or attempting to explain your whereabouts on a crowded beach to friends and family. Choose a towel with a yarn-dyed cloth to ensure that the color will stay a long time. The color of the yarn-dyed fabric is better embedded and will outlive piece-dyed and printed fabrics, since it is colored before it is woven into a design or garment. Because beach towels spend so much of their life in the sun, color retention is crucial.


Fast-drying towels are only half the story when it comes to keeping sand out of your house this summer, as we mentioned when we talked about absorbency. You can limit the quantity of sand that attaches to your towel in the first place if you buy the correct towel, irrespective of whether it’s dry or wet. In case you’re wondering, the proper sort of towel has two separate sides: a terry loop side that is absorbent and soft against your skin and a velvety velour side that has been precisely sheared to repel sand. Sand can’t get trapped in the towel because there aren’t any long fibers to stick to, so all you have to do is lay your towel out with the velour side facing down and give it a soft shake when you’re done with your beach day. Consider how much sweeping you’ll save with this one little purchase.

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