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What to Look For in a Beach Towel

If you believe that all beach towels are made equal, think again. A great beach towel from bulk beach towels manufacturers has a specific set of traits you should seek for, much like a great barista has the flawless technique and the inherent ability to recognize whether it’s a double shot type of day.

A substantial size

The list of things you don’t want to be doing at the beach this summer includes squishing your body to fit on a kid-size beach towel. A tiny towel is also inconvenient to use to dry oneself, drape around your waist, and spread out on the vehicle seat for the ride home. Is there a simple solution? Make a large purchase. Your towel may also be used as a picnic blanket for poolside BBQs or beaches or to accommodate your careless other half when they realize they’ve forgotten their towel at home.

Fabrication in cotton

Cotton is the finest fabric for towels because of its capacity to absorb moisture rapidly and is gentle to the touch. Absorbency is a vital characteristic in any towel, but it’s much more essential in a beach towel for a few reasons. To begin with, unlike your bath towel, which you most probably use every 12 hours, it’s usual to use your beach towel to dry yourself many times in a short amount of time. To retain its capacity to absorb water from your hair, skin, and swimsuit after each swim, your beach towel will need to absorb more water and dry faster. Second, you generally lay on your beach towel before and after swimming, and sand adheres to wet cloth irritatingly. You’ll be able to shake the sand off your towel more effectively if it can dry fast before putting it in your car or beach bag.


Fast-drying towels are just half the case when it comes to keeping sand out of your house in summer, as we mentioned when we talked about absorbency. You can decrease the quantity of sand that adheres to your towel in the first place if you buy a good towel, irrespective of whether it’s dry or wet. Sand can’t get stuck in the towel if there aren’t any long fibers to adhere to.

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