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The Untold Story of a Towel, the True Hero of Daily Life

So you are meeting your friends today for a dinner party. Your china is in place, delectable dishes are ready to be served, and the champagne is ready to be popped. You also have some really great topics to talk about, and they are going to be interesting. Those towels are also displayed in their glory, ready to serve the guests and you. Once their work is done, you will toss them in the laundry basket and replace them and the cycle goes on. So now answer this very simple question, how many times do you talk about towels? Rather how often? Never right!

This is extremely sad as towels are the auxiliary that is a necessity as well. We use them every day yet fail to do pay the required attention they deserve. They are the unsung hero of our daily life.

From cleaning our bodies after a shower to drying the dishes, from doing the kitchen table to lay on the beach, towels are there for us, all the time. But today, we are going to pay a tribute to the towels. We are going to sing a song for them.

And the Song Began…..

Almost 3 centuries, during the 17th century, in Turkey, when the supreme and expensive Turkish cotton was used to craft clothes that the royal people used to cover their body after taking a bath. Known as pestamel, gold and silver embroidery was showcased on these towels and were far from the reach of the public.

But some very nice man (or woman) decided to introduce this extremely useful piece of cloth to the Western World, and like we know it, rest is history.

The modern word of the towel was taken from the Old French word Toaille. Over time, different fabrics were used to experiment with the construction of the towels. Sooner, popular wholesale towel companies started manufacturing them in different sizes- each having special use, for instance, hand towels were used to clean the hands and beach towels, well the name is suggestive.

What makes them a Hero?

Now that we know where the hero originated from, it makes sense to understand what makes them what they are? Confused! Just keep reading.

►They dry your body after a shower.
►They are soft to touch.
►They absorb water.
►They add to the beach look when picked in bright colors.
►They can add to the decor of your washroom.

Need we give reasons more for their admiration?

And if you are still not convinced with their effort, try living without them for a week! And survive.
Since, the towels are truly the unsung hero of our daily lives and support us through thick and thin, wet and dry, we need them.

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