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Trendy Beach Towel Designs That Has Created a Buzz In The Market

Its summer which means it’s time that you invest in the best of the beach towels. If you want to experience the best of the season then it will be advisable to invest in such beach towels that are ideally made with quality certified raw material. The next factor that you need to keep in mind is the features that ultimately contributes to a quality towel.

Design is another factor that cannot be ignored. Hence, one of the popular turkish towel manufacturers has come up with a unique collection you cannot afford to miss. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Mandala printed hammam

An ethnic towel piece can be a great addition to your summer vacation collection. Instead of opting for the same old towel pieces you can simply opt for the traditional Turkish hamam. In fact the Hammam or Peshtemal as it is popularly known is quite versatile in nature.

Make sure to opt for the authentic pieces which have tasseled stitched along the hemline. You can either opt for a pastel variant or opt for something in black and white.

Fruit essentials

When we talk about fun prints we don’t just mean something colorful and animated. You can find an array of towel variants in the market that are printed in fun fruit patterns and even vegetables.

Don’t limit your appetite to your favorite fruit cocktails. You can simply imbibe some of these fun prints into your towel to create certain pieces that are definitely worth the purchase.

Monogrammed alternatives

Opting for signature designs is a great way to imbibe some brand’s aesthetic into the towel pieces. Hence, if you want to do so , the best thing to opt for is either follow a certain set of theme colors or even a specific font that is relevant to your brand’s aesthetics.

When opting for the monograms you can either select the name of the brand or the summer line.

Ombre print

If its summer, then there definitely has to be ombre. Select such ombre tones that are perfect for the season with bright accents like that of red or orange.

You can also opt for something that is unique and choose such variants that has a black patterned design on the ombre color tone.

Tropical pattern

Tropical flowers or even leaves are something that cannot be ignored. These definitely remind you of the Amazonian rainforest or the Cambodian equatorial forest. Thus, look for such towel variants that has designs of quality palm trees, colorful bold flowers and even tangy fruits.

Nautical vibes

Bring in the ocean waves into your towel with the help of a unique nautical pattern . Select from a range of bless and opt for such designs that are perfect to be used  for dys spend in the beach splashing in the azure waters of the ocean.

Make sure to select such variants that are highly absorbent in nature and lightweight as well.

Business owners who want to include quality towel pieces in their store can get in touch with one of the popular microfiber towel manufacturer in the industry. All you need to do is have a look through the vast collection of towels and state the bulk needs accordingly to the customer care team.

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