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Towels Can Be Chic Too! Here are Some Instagram-Worthy Prints for You to Check Out!

Summer means hitting the beaches…. Vacation means merriment and selfies, groupies or clicks that go straight away into Instagram for the world to watch out.. in this age of social media you love to update the world about what you are upto and your whereabouts apart from flaunting the coolest clothes, chic accessories, lovely pairs of shoes, go or the tan engulfed in the cushy pieces.. the chic towels!

So get Busy doing your Homework and find the Best Towel Manufacturer

You need bunch of towels to make your trip to the beaches really interesting and wow-worthy leaving aside the practical quotient. So why not get in touch with one of the best towel manufacturers and get your fresh stock! Here’s a list of prints that will make your photos in Instagram to be admired by all!


Happy Sunning – How??- Find out! The Print Affair!

Going the Pineapple Way …

Summer means yum fruits and when fruits like pineapple become a staple as a print for your towel done in sublimated feel with neon colors..can your Instagram post be without loads of likes? The fabric must be rich cotton to let you unwind in style and the top manufacturers definitely ensure that factor!

Bold Stripes are in .. Pop Colors are the way to go!

The stripes not only rule the fashion circuit when it comes to men’s and women’s fashion, but it has become a staple now to make an accessory like towel, really chic!

Geometric Prints creating Delusion Rocks!

When you take a look at a towel as an accessory, you want to get familiar with the print at once.. what if you are unable to do so? The geometric patterns that often create a puzzle-like rule ate ruling Instagram of the vacationers who are keeping their friends and family posted with their moment to moment social media tales!

What about Light hued Towed with the word ‘VACATION” in Giant Fonts!

In today’s fast-paced life, finding time to pack your bags and really set out for a trip no matter how small or lengthy it might be! So go bold, go loud and shout it to the world you are having a lovely time with the cushy towel that you have in your travel kit also joining the mission of yours.. proclaiming to the world that you are de-stressing now, busy getting tanned.. languishing.. busy Vacationing.. Stay cool! Stay happy! Cheers to life!

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