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The Art of Choosing the Best Towel for Yourself!

Towels are more complicated than they appear to be. If not involved in any kind of adventure or sports, your knowledge of towels has a fair chance being limited to that they are made of cotton. But that is far from the truth!

Towels have a large number of variations in their make. During their inception days, they were crafted from Turkish cotton since that was the place of their origin. They came with a lot of embroideries to adorn them and were seen as a symbol reflecting ones social standing.

With their introduction to the western culture, their principal significance was strongly revised as their use was no longer limited to the social stratum, but by the mass. There were many varieties that were introduced to their design and the use also become vast. Hence, focusing on the different types of fabric as used by wholesale towels suppliers to craft towels and their purposes, here is a list for better understanding.

Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are extremely comfortable and for that one quality are used in hotels and spas. Since density and portability are not factors to be considered, they easily make the top choice. Another advantage of cotton towels are that they are durable, thus can be bleached again and again and used for a long time without tearing them. They lend a soft touch against the skin which also makes them a common entity in our homes. Though you might be familiar with the white towels as popularly used in the top notch places, cotton towels come in a variety of colours and textures which make them worth the buy.

Microfiber Towels

The towels with the highest absorbency as featured on this list, microfiber towels are usually made of polyester. Microfiber has a gigantic surface area which makes it easy to soak water when they come in contact. Perfect for use on the beach, these towels can be carried from one place to another with ease as they are extremely light in weight. Microfiber towels are also used by travellers, especially if they are going backpacking. They too come in a variety of prints and patterns which add to their overall classy design.

Chamois Towels

Popular among the athletes and people involved in some form of intensive exercise, chamois towels are commonly known as shammies. They are soft, absorb moist well and dries off pretty quickly. These qualities make them a high-functioning towel. Though they do not really come in larger sizes, but big enough to wipe off sweat when performing an extensive regime. (The towels you see on the sports field!) Shammies are strictly functional and highly utilitarian in their approach. They can be commonly found in the pristine shade of white and is often considered to be symbolic of sophistication.

Thus, now with the basic differences known, you can now pick the appropriate towel for the occasion. It is all in the fabric, and understanding it well will help you become a master at it. Prominent wholesale towels suppliers use the best of fabrics to craft their products and retailers can buy them in bulk at discounted prices.


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