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Sublimation Printing Fabric Ideas For Manufacturers To Churn Out Luxurious Beach Towels

With sublimation printing acting as a blessing for the textile world , it has also taken over the towel industry with new and exotic prints and patterns worth making an investment for. The top notch sublimation manufacturers are crafting well-designed printed towels in bulk to suit the variegated requirements and preferences of the retailers and business owners. The quick and efficient sublimation printing fabric  thus has introduced a world new possibilities in  endless stocks of myriad hues and motifs.

With the approach of summer, people would be more inclined to hitting the sea beach out with family , and thus they would obviously look for towels sets for the whole family, which not only vouch for comfort, but also look plush and opulent.

Wondering which prints and patterns to imprint on beach towels? Settle down for the following ideas:

Let the Sea Set them Free

Offer a feel of relaxation and tranquility to the people at the sea beach holidaying , with towels embossed with images and representations of sea beech and the scenery around. The illusions of warm blue sea, white sky and lush green palm trees all around will   add buoyancy to the feel of the towels, perfect to be carried while taking a plunge into the blue water . These towels will complement with the ambiance and hence will definitely woo the customers at the retail stores.

When all else Fails, be a Mermaid

Women love mermaids! Bank on this idea to print plush sublimation towels inscribed with the images and photographs of sleek and beautiful mermaids , in colors like blue or green for a notched-up stance. Exclusively crafted  for the females, they must have maximum  feminine  finesse  and elegance to entice the women with enriching experience.

Keep Calm and Play on

Men love the idea of land and water sports at the beach and this love can be easily reproduced  with the means of dye sublimation towels . Manufacturers must think off-beat ideas to imprint the images of sports, both land and water and the photos of the players on the beach towels in a wide array of color combinations to increase its vibrant effect.

Do not Dull their Sparkle

Kids and the toddlers have the best times of their lives playing around the beach with salt in the air and sand in the hair. Thus, why not produce something exclusively for the tiny ones? The best way for them is to introduce turkey cotton towels sublimation pieces which not only would have  alluring prints but also the cotton fabric will be high in comfort and quality.

Let them sparkle bright on the sand with funny prints of cartoon characters and representations of the animated world which they love in bright color shades.

‘This is my Happy Place’, and many more…

Instead of choosing any definite print or pattern, keep it colored wither with single hue or a multiple in contrasting shades and degrees and inscribe quotes and taglines on travel, sea or beach to make the users feel connected with them instantly. This will enliven their wanderlust feeling and their ultimate love for sea and beach.


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