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Make Your Summer Adventures Memorable at the Beach with High Quality Towels

A sunny day at the beach is incomplete without rolling in the sand after a good swim. However, the sand tends to irritate the skin, especially when the hot weather tends to heat up the sand and burns the skin. A beach towel is perfect for that lazy read and relaxing moments under the sun. The variety of beach towels are growing with each passing day with manufacturers introducing new prints.

Knowing the beach towel technology

The beach towels have their loops spread out wide so that air can enter and absorb moisture quickly. It has two different surfaces. One is designed to face the sky and is soft, while the reverse side is made to absorb water. Thus, one side is perfect for relaxing and the other side to take in water. So when you buy a beach towel, make sure its comfy and wicks moisture.

Picking the Right Beach Towel for Holiday

The tricky part of purchasing a beach towel is the enormous variety gets you confused. But, you have to keep a balance between beauty and quality. Make sure that your beach towel absorbs water quickly and dries fast too. The material should preferably be terrycloth or cotton. The surface of the fabric should not be itchy and painful. Thick or heavy beach towels is a big NO, as it will tend to get heavier when wet and take up a lot of space in your kit. It should be of the right size so when you lie down, it covers your full length. The colors should be right, darker colors absorb more heat and better avoided, while brighter colors will help you sot yours in the crowd.

Beach Towel Prints and Patterns to Lift Your Mood

There are diverse patterns and surface prints available in wholesale towels for beach nowadays that makes it an attractive item to carry on your beach trip. The most commonly found patterns are long stripes, tropical and exotic prints perfect for the beach party, pop art and retro graphics giving a vintage feel, cool animal print motifs and lastly beautiful color block monochromes.

Cute Towels for Your Little One

Special baby towels with cute prints are now available that allows you to take your baby with you when having fun at the beach. These towels come in pure cotton and protects your child from sun, sea salt and the sand. Some towels have hoodie and protect their heads from breeze and heat. Others have poplin side to it, which acts as a play mat when required. Other high quality towels include colorful prints and graphics of toon characters is for older kids.

Personalized Towels for the Creative Soul

If you are bored of using run-off-the-mill towels from store, head to online wholesale manufacturers who offer great scope for you to experiment with customization. You can design your towels with help of expert designers. This is perfect for retail businesses and private labels who wish to expand their products or launch a new brand. All you have to do is convey your requirements and the production team will help you create exclusive kids personalized beach towels or modern towels for adults hassle-free.

So waste no time, whether its face mask for coronavirus, towels, hoodies or other protective garments you wish to design and establish as a business, get in touch with experienced players. These suppliers will uplift your brand worth to new heights.


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